Kyle Gillis

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Media Gobble Up Study Saying Ads for Fatty Foods Cause Obesity

Time magazine marvels at advertisers' 'great influence over our behavior,' don't acknowledge individual decisions.

Woman Living 'Life Without Plastic' Is Latest Environmental Media Darling

'No Plastic Girl' joins 'No Impact Man,' 'Compost Man' as media's green superheroes.

NY Times Critical of Food Industry Opposition to Salt Regulation

Newspaper leads with salt's 'ill effects on the nation's health,' buries study about portion control.

Media 'De-Friend' Facebook with Anti-Business Reporting

Out of 500 million users, NY Times and NBC can't find one person who supports Facebook.

Targeting 'Loopholes' in Financial Reform, Newsweek Attacks Bill from the Left

Michael Hirsh worries about 'lack of regulation' but not about Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae.

Goldman Sachs Connections Toxic for Republicans, No Big Deal for Dems

Meg Whitman's poll numbers hurt by 'ties to a controversial Wall Street firm,' yet Elena Kagan's connections nothing more than 'possible thorny issue.'

New Yorker Cover Tries to Revive Climate Alarmists' Fortunes

Issue is released on same day as unreported Heartland Institute International Conference on Climate Change.

Networks Swallow Whole a Study Linking Crop Pesticides to ADHD

ABC, NBC, and CBS dwell on shielding children but only show five seconds of industry response.