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On Today, Bryant Gumbel Blames GOP for Shutdown, For 'Trying to Extort the Government'

Former Today co-hosts Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley shared in the NBC anchoring duties on Monday’s Today, and Gumbel naturally returned to Republican-bashing form. In a 7:30 am segment on the ...
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Fox's Chris Wallace Backs ObamaCare Architect Into Corner On 'Keep Your Doctor' Promise

On the December 8 Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace pressed ObamaCare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel repeatedly about how the President’s ObamaCare promises are not turning out to be true. In ...
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New Time Editor Nancy Gibbs Has Lengthy Record of Liberal Goo

Time magazine has named long-time veteran Nancy Gibbs as the new Managing Editor now that Richard Stengel has (officially) joined the Obama administration. As chronicled by the MRC, Gibbs has been ...
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So Much for Hot Climate News: New York Times Shuts Down 'Green' Blog

The Times is discontinuing the Green blog, which was created to track environmental and energy news and to foster lively discussion of developments in both areas.” Or perhaps people simply ...
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Brian Williams Slams Limbaugh, and Michael Brown's 'Largest Domestic Human Rights Outrage of the Modern Era'

NBC anchor Brian Williams went deep into the floodwaters of bias at the end of Rock Center on Thursday night, ripping into Michael Brown and Rush Limbaugh about Hurricane Sandy and then ...
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ABC's 'View' Crew Went Soft on Obamas, But Thumped Ann Romney With Abortion, Contraception, and Draft Evasion

On September 25, the Obamas came on The View and drew questions about whether the President was romantic, about their first kiss, and whether he tucks her in at night. Three weeks and a day ...
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ABC's Moderator Martha Raddatz Warned of Budget 'Slashing,' Hailed Hillary and Barack

ABC News claims it's "absurd" that vice-presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz favors the Democrats. But a review of her reporting displays a tilt to the left.
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PBS Star Jim Lehrer's Record of Liberal Bias in Debates

Jim Lehrer's been the liberal face of taxpayer-funded PBS for decades -- and has demonstrated a liberal tilt in recent presidential debates.
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Credibility Crisis: Gallup Finds 60 Percent Have Little or No Trust in Media

As the media report on the allegedly horrid polls for Mitt Romney, will they take the time to report the latest on their own poll ratings with Gallup? “Americans' distrust in the media hit a ...
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CBS Brings on New Yorker Editor to Defend Obama, Attack GOP As 'Radical Conservative Party'

For Obama speech analysis, CBS This Morning on Friday brought on New Yorker editor David Remnick (who also worked for ten years as an "objective" reporter at The Washington Post). Remnick said ...
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MRC Special Report: The Media's Obama Miracle

To study the media “miracle” of scandal denial, MRC analysts reviewed the coverage – or more precisely, the stunning lack of coverage – of just a few Obama scandals and allegations, large and ...

PBS's Bill Moyers Trashes America and the NRA As 'Venomous...Enablers of Death'

With the first heart-breaking headlines out of Colorado, gun-rights advocates just had to know that leftist lecturers in our media would mount their soap boxes and trash this country for ...

Ouch, New York Times! Actual Ratings of Chris Hayes Show He's Crushed by Fox

The Times should wince now that the Daily Caller has dug up the actual ratings to embarrass Times writer Alex Williams for hailing the weekend ratings of Up! With Chris Hayes. It turns out the ...

NYTimes Hails Chris Hayes, 'Generation Y's Wonk Prince' of the Morning

Alex Williams at the New York Times sprays the Armor-All on Chris Hayes: "In less than a year on television (and with a chirpy voice, a weakness for gesticulation and a tendency to drop ...
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Unlike Iraq, ABC, NBC, PBS, MSNBC Skip 2,000-Death Marker in Afghanistan

In 2005, the Big Three networks offered 14 stories on the Iraq War body count reaching 2,000. But last week, when the body count in Afghanistan reached 2,000, CBS offered one story, and ABC, NBC, ...
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NYTimes' David Carr Disdains Biased Media Owner -- A San Diego Conservative Charger

Media reporter David Carr of the New York Times wrote an unintentional laugh line for Monday's paper: "There is a growing worry that the falling value and failing business models of many ...
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CBS Leads Evening News With Catholics -- The Accused Abusers, Not the Obama Litigants

The CBS Evening News led with the Catholic Church on Wednesday night. It wasn’t about the 43 Catholic groups suing the Obama administration. It was yet another story on sexual abuse by ...
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CBS News Works Hard to Skip Its Own Poll When Romney's Leading

The latest CBS News/New York Times poll not only shows Mitt Romney ahead of Barack Obama by three points, but also that Romney is leading among women voters. That was such an embarrassing result ...
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New York Times on Gay TV: Winning Liberal 'Saints,' Vanishing Conservative 'Bigots'

The New York Times played make-believe on the front page Wednesday. Media reporter Brian Stelter described a transgender plot on "Glee," marrying lesbian doctors on "Grey's Anatomy," and two men ...

Deputy Editor Moonlights As Moderator at Global 'LGBT Summit'

Deputy op-ed editor Sewell Chan will moderate panel on gays in the military at the "Equality Forum," a global "LGBT Summit" on May 5.