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New York City Mandates Sex Ed, Times Cheers

The newspaper said it's "long overdue" to require sex education for middle school and high school students, and offered no objection to Planned Parenthood teaching the lessons.

Alec Baldwin, Non-Liberal Man of the People, Prepares for Politics

As Alec Baldwin proclaims his interest in running for Mayor of New York some time after 2013, a young Times reporter can't describe him as either ultraliberal or uncivil. After all, she worked for ...

There Are No Liberal Democrats, Only 'Influential Democrats'

Liberals are challenging the Obama administration from the left, asserting a legal right of Medicaid recipients to sue the government for greater health benefits. But Robert Pear called no one a ...

Carr Warns of Murdoch's 'Soft Power' With No Hard Evidence

Media columnist David Carr wrote a broad conspiracy theory about the dangerous "soft power" of Murdoch Inc. with little evidence and lots of partisan insinuation.

Joy as Cuba Lifts Its Beatles Ban

Reporter Damien Cave finds communist Cuba is recovering from a bad case of stuffiness. Its censorship of rock music only defined it as a "very serious place," not a prison.

On PBS, Stephanopoulos Insists Obama's 'Done Remarkably Well' in Office Despite Tough Times

When asked how President Obama is doing overall, ABC's George Stephanopoulos pulled out the old line about how nobody "in our lifetime" has been dealt a tougher hand, as if Ronald Reagan had it ...

Frank Rich Trashes Romney as 'The Most Transparent Phony' on Tavis Smiley Show

Former Times columnist and theatre critic unloads on the current GOP front-runner for 2012: "Romney is the most transparent phony, and I think many Republicans would agree, that you can imagine. ...

Former Columnist Bob Herbert Tells Rachel Maddow 'Macho,' 'Violent' American Culture Ruining Politics of Crime

No politician would dare oppose too passionately the death penalty because America is too primitive.

People Who Live in Grass Houses...

An author remembers her experiment in Third World living in Bali, where she felt "colonial" seeking a cheap nanny to watch her "sponge."
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Weinergate: The Story the Networks Never Liked

MRC Study Finds Twice as Much Intensity for Republican Scandal in 2006 Than Sexting Scandal of 2011

Government Waste? That Would Be Paying for Timothy Leary's Drug Jottings

The Times warmly passes along how the New York Public Library is paying $900,000 to buy the papers of hallucinogenic-drug promoter (and leftist radical) Timothy Leary.

Pop-Up Times Ad for Anti-Mormon Musical Centers on Times Rave Review

Clicking to the Arts page on the Times website might bring you a pop-up ad for The Book of Mormon - and Ben Brantley's gooey praise.

Newsmag Double Standard: Two Cover Stories and 15 Pages vs. 160 Tiny Words

A congressman is caught sending dirty messages to young people. If it's 2006 and the congressman is Republican Mark Foley, Time and Newsweek reacted with massive coverage. But if it's 2011 and the ...

Nets' Sunday Morning Shows, PBS Avoid Weiner Issue

The network elites completely avoided discussing Weinergate on the chat/interview shows this weekend. On Sunday, NBC's Meet the Press was off due to the French Open. ABC's This Week, CBS's Face ...

Hard-Left Radio Host Wonders: When Will Navy SEALs Take Out George W. Bush?

If any American with a patriotic pulse listened to the Mike Malloy radio show, they would have been shocked on Monday night when Malloy outrageously suggested that Navy SEALs should have shot ...

No Fines for F-Bombs - Unless Gays Say So

The Times mocked FCC fines for profanity on the front page, but is the supportive space for a $100,000 fine against NBA star Kobe Bryant for saying the "gay F-bomb."

Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 'Hounded' with 'Intensity' by Sexist Anti-Abortion Conservatives

Douglas Martin claims sexism on the part of pro-lifers: "The abortion issue, magnified because she was Roman Catholic and a woman, plagued her campaign. Though she opposed the procedure ...

Valerie Plame Cashes In With Spy-Novel Book Deal, Times Sees Only Victory for Feminism

It keeps getting harder to claim the whole sage of "outed" CIA agent Valerie Plame wasn't a bonanza of wealth and fame, but the Plame-loving Times is casting it as a blow for feminism. The female ...

U.S. News: Political Donations of NPR Board, NPR Foundation Officers Dramatically Lean Left to Democrats

Danielle Kurtzleben at U.S. News & World Report crunched some numbers of federal campaign contributions and discovered that the NPR Board and the board of the NPR Foundation are - surprise, ...

The Times Lumps the Catholic Church with the Mafia and the Muslim Brotherhood

"By some lights, Italian women have come far in a country whose most entrenched power structures - the Roman Catholic Church and organized crime - remain male and secretive." That's a little like ...