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Most Networks Skip Broadcast Profanity Case, Avoid or Skim Over Critics

Perhaps since they were suing in federal court to overturn limits on broadcast profanity, the major networks mostly skipped the Second Circuit Court of Appeals overturning the FCC's broadcast ...

Chris Matthews To Charlie Rose: Bill Clinton Is a Hit In 'Culturally Conservative' Areas

MSNBC's Chris Matthews acted like Bill Clinton's impeachment never happened in an interview on the Charlie Rose show on PBS on June 10, claiming Clinton should be sent to "culturally conservative ...

Team Obama's Grubby Federal Job-Dangling Is Not News

MRC Study: Networks Contain Sestak Scandal to Nine Stories or Mentions on Memorial Day Weekend

Brian Williams Claims Great Compassion, But Has Faulty Memory of His Own Shows

In an interview on the Thursday with the Mediaite website, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams claimed the media would show more compassion and attention to the oil spill than Team Obama. But ...

On CBS, Sally Quinn Said Gore Split Means 'Everyone' Feels Their Marriage Broke

After blaming the 2000 election for the breakup of the Gore marriage on Tuesday's CBS Evening News, Sally Quinn of The Washington Post returned to CBS Wednesday morning for an interview with The ...

Washington Post Assigns Limbaugh Book Review to Rush-Hating David Frum

The new book on Rush Limbaugh by Zev Chafets drew a book review in The Washington Post - by David Frum, the GOP establishment's favorite Rush hater.

CBS's Lesley Stahl Imagines 'Huge Potential Advantage' for Democrats Over Rand Paul

On MSNBC's Morning Joe on Friday, CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl sounded positively giddy at the possibility of Democrats exploiting the Rand Paul round of TV interviews. She pushed David Gregory ...

NPR's Totenberg Touts Elena Kagan as Harvard's 'Superman'

Last Friday on TV, NPR legal reporter Nina Totenberg twice touted Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as "spectacularly successful." But that was mellow compared to her Tuesday report for ...

Former Couric Employee at CBS Says Couric Had Margaret Sanger Picture on Office Wall

'The Perky One' is a fan of eugenicist enthusiast and abortionist.

Columnist Tom Friedman Displays His Power Lust Again on PBS

Thomas Friedman knows best: "I think we're entering an era - how long it will last I dare not predict - where being in politics is going to be more than anything else about taking things away from ...

On NBC, Vieira Sputters at Laura Ingraham's Charge That Kagan Was 'Anti-Military'

NBC's Today offered a conservative counterpoint on the Elena Kagan nomination on Wednesday: conservative radio talker and author Laura Ingraham. Co-host Meredith Vieira suggested Republicans were ...

Pretending Elena Kagan's Mind Is a Mystery

ABC, CBS, and NBC Only Manage One Label in 14 Supreme Court Stories

Elitist Networks Pile On Against Arizona Immigration Law

Study: By 12 to 1, ABC, CBS, and NBC Stories Ripped State's Move to Restrain Illegal Aliens

Hyping 'Dozens' of Pro-Amnesty Protesters - At a Chicago Cubs Game

The Times again defined a tiny protest by pro-amnesty lobbyists as national news - this time, protesting the Arizona Diamondbacks outside a Chicago Cubs game.

I See Naked People: Times Feels the Pain of 'Modern Art' Exhibitionists

The Times engaged in promoting a very tabloidish display of exhibitionism on Friday's front page.

Newsweek Slams 'Hate' from 'Antigovernment Extremists,' Links to Beck and Palin

Newsweek's cover touted a story on "Hate on the Right." In fact the word "HATE" takes up half a page, white letters on a black background, with the subhead "Antigovernment extremists are on the ...

Meet Washington Post's Scott Wilson, Obama's Summit News Butler

Washington Post reporter Scott Wilson topped Wednesday's paper with a "news analysis" headlined "On world stage, Obama at ease as seminar leader." The word that came to mind wasn't "analysis." It ...

CNN's Don Lemon Insists Conservatives Offer 'Much, Much More' Hate and Hitler Talk

On Friday, CNN anchor Don Lemon wouldn't agree with former Rep. J. C. Watts that both sides are uncivil: "we have seen it on the Republican and the conservative side much, much more than on the ...

Former ABC Reporter Connects Tea Parties to...Leftist South African Blacks?

Former ABC reporter Kenneth Walker found the strangest connection to alleged Tea Party violence yet: the left-wing African National Congress in South Africa. On the black website The Root, Walker ...

Chris Matthews Says Republicans 'Pee All Over Obama Every Day'

You've heard of Bill Moyers' Journal. Over the last two nights, Hardball could be titled Chris Matthews' Urinal. Suddenly, Chris is grossing viewers out with "pee" metaphors.