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Reporters Still Buying That Wright Mess Was Obama's Finest Hour

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz found it amazing Barack Obama was portrayed so well in background quotes provided by Obama's own aides to the authors of 'Game Change.' Kurtz credibly recounted ...

Washington Post's Decade in Review: From 'Hell' to 'Evolution'

Post writer Dan Zak insisted that "we" cheered the inauguration of Barack Obama and that "everyone" suggested this decade with two terms of President Bush was the "decade from Hell."

WaPo's Liberal Decade: 'We' Went from 'Hell' to 'Hope'

Style writer cheered the tantalizing evolution into the Obama era.

ABC News Reporter to Marry Obama's Top Budget Aide

Just when you thought journalists could not possibly get any cozier with the Obama administration, it was revealed that ABC News economics and business reporter Bianna Golodryga, a regular ...

WaPo's Robin Givhan Delights in Michelle Obama's Fashions, Tells Carrie Prejean to 'Shut Your Trap'

First Lady appears six times on the Best of 2009 list.

Matthews Puts Cheney in 'Birther Country,' Donny Deutsch Says He's 'Evil and Dangerous'

MSNBC host Chris Matthews strongly objected to Cheney's declarations on Fox News that offering 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Muhammad a courtroom forum is giving "aid and comfort to the enemy." ...

Heckuva Job, Desiree: Times Downplays 'Non-Religious Christmas' Plans at White House

The Times left a Christmas bomb in paragraph 12 of its syrupy Sunday story on Desiree Rogers, the bumbling Obama social secretary: "When former social secretaries gave a luncheon to welcome Ms. ...

As Greens Slip in Climate Polls, Wash Post Diagnoses 'Emotional Dead Spots' in 'American Brains'

On Tuesday, the Washington Post's Health Science section was headed by a story contending global warming skeptics need a psychologist. David Fahrenthold's piece was headlined: "It's natural to ...

WaPo Feminist Says Palin News Was Sexist, But Palin Children 'Tumbled Down the Stairs'

Writer blamed Palin for the media portrayal of the former governor.

NBC Takes Up Kennedy vs. Catholic Church 'Crossing the Line' Into 'Political Blackmail'

Monday's NBC Nightly News took up the story of liberal Rep. Patrick Kennedy's public feud with the Catholic Church, and NBC's Ron Allen implied something improper in how "the Catholic Church is ...

Oprah Sells 'Sexually Charged' Show to HBO

Harpo Films to produce 'pretty shocking' pilot.

Newsweek Top 10 List Leads With Bill Maher Article Trashing Bush Katrina Policy

Newsweek's 20/10 Project has a list of the Decade's Worst Tactical Blunders. It might not be a shock that Newsweek decided three of the top four were made by Team Bush. What might be surprising ...

Times Sells MSNBC As 'Progressive But Not Partisan'

In his profile of MSNBC and host Rachel Maddow, reporter Brian Stelter stuck to supportive sources who believe MSNBC has ideological integrity and independence where Fox News has none.

Time's Von Drehle: Obama's Ft. Hood Speech Ruined by Too Much TV Analysis

A liberal journalist is feeling Barack Obama's pain, that he would be instantly judged by the media. Wait, the Obama-mythologizing, pinch-me-history-is-happening media? Yes. Time Senior Writer ...

Katie Couric Sees Cold War As Parent Trap?

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric's online commentary on the Berlin Wall focused on a separated-twins analogy rather than on the victory of democracy, freedom, and Western civilization.

ABC, CBS Skip Most of Ft. Hood Memorial, Except for Obama - Unlike Full Coverage of Jacko Memorial

ABC and CBS aired hours of Michael Jackson' memorial service in July, but on Tuesday afternoon the two networks weren't so interested in the memorial service for the victims at Fort Hood. The two ...

Washington Post Charges 'Grand Old Purging' of Scozzafava Shows GOP 'Dysfunction'

The Washington Post is still having trouble with how the voters rejected their favorite Democrats. The bias erupted in a front page headline on Tuesday. It read:"'Scozzafava' turns into epithet: ...

Fabricator Jayson Blair on Race and Merit

Disgraced New York Times fabricator Jayson Blair at Washington and Lee University said race wasn't a major factor in his rise and fall at the Times. This from someone whose Times-bashing memoir ...

GOP Protest Buried on A-15: 230 Words Inside Article on House Democrats

It's another example of New York Times distaste for conservative protests: a Capitol Hill rally was buried, with six paragraphs inside a story about Democrats passing a "landmark" health bill.

Broadcast TV Morning Shows Offered 64 Words on Maine Gay Vote

Maine's successful referendum to repeal a newly-imposed "same-sex marriage" law would have been a huge national story if the gay left had won. But since they narrowly lost, the broadcast network ...