The Inflation 'Monster' Under the Media's Bed

The Inflation Monster Under the Medias Bed
Gas prices and health care and food costs, oh my! But the truth is, theres been a drop in inflation. Surprised? Thats because the media have been scaremongering about 70s-era inflation for two years now.

An American Thanksgiving Story
BMI National Chairman Herman Cain worries that, like the colonists who bought Manhattan, Congress has offered us trinkets in exchange for valuable ground our free market.

G: CS Monitor notes something to be thankful for: fast-growing wages
B: NBC, CNN hype gas price increase coming just in time for Thanksgiving
U: CNN derides Wal-Mart as store everybody loves to hate.

News Flash: Gas Prices Up with Thanksgiving Driving

Post Slants Left Even into the Grave

BMI Tribute to Milton Friedman

USA Today: Motorists Arent Paying Enough for Roads


Rev. Robert Sirico: Milton Friedman and the Human Element (Acton)

Tribute to Milton Friedman (Independent)

Honoring Milton Friedman (Cato podcast)

Milton Friedman: Death of a giant (BusinessWeek)

Walter Block: Milton Friedman RIP (von Mises Institute)

Milton Friedmans case (

Don Boudreaux: Trade promotes peace (Caf Hayek)

How Americas Economic Miracle Will Reshape the World (and Change Your Life)
The Heritage Foundation
Washington, D.C., November 27

Founders Night 2006
Independence Institute
Denver, Colo., November 29

Americas Future Foundation Networking Happy Hour
Top of the Hill
Washington, D.C., November 30

The 2006 Thomas S. Szasz Awards
Independent Institute
Oakland, Calif., December 6

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