ABC and NBC Champion Illegal Alien Cause: 'Will an Army of Protesters Be Heard?'

Another pro-illegal alien protest and, once again, the networks champion the cause. Four weeks after the broadcast network evening shows trumpeted May Day marches against Arizona's effort to enforce federal law, another round of marches prompted ABC and NBC on Saturday night to push the left-wing cause.

"Day of outrage, anger on the streets of Phoenix and across this country tonight," ABC anchor David Muir declared, pleading: "Will an army of protesters be heard?" Reporter Jeremy Hubbard began his story for World News: "In their most massive numbers yet, a deluge of adversaries rally and rail against what could soon be the law of the land in Arizona."

On NBC, Telemundo's Janet Rodriguez also presented the subject through the prism of those against the popular law: "Critics say the law unfairly targets Hispanics who make up about a third of the state's population. Recent college grad Martin Moreno worries about racial profiling" while another protester claimed "this law violates our fundamental principles of human dignity," before Rodriguez featured a woman holding a sign from ANSWER LA, the far-left/communist-affiliated group. Rodriguez, however, described her simply as "from Long Beach." The woman smeared as "racists" the majority of Americans who support the law.

From May 1, "Nets Celebrate May Day Pro-Illegal Immigrant Protests, Barely Mention Shot Deputy," began:

"Angry backlash from coast to coast," ABC's David Muir teased Saturday's World News, "huge rallies across this country tonight against that new controversial immigration law." On CBS, Jeff Glor teased: "May Day Message. Immigrant right groups rally from coast to coast against Arizona's controversial new law."

The story on the Saturday, May 29 NBC Nightly News, transcript provided by the MRC's Brad Wilmouth:

LESTER HOLT: Back here at home tonight, tens of thousands of people on both sides of the debate over illegal immigration are taking to the streets in Arizona where a tough new law is scheduled to go into effect on July 29th. Janet Rodriguez of our sister network Telemundo has been covering the rallies, and joins us tonight from Phoenix.

JANET RODRIGUEZ: Heading toward the state capital, a five-mile stretch of protesters, an estimated 30,000 marched through the streets of downtown Phoenix with dozens of police officers standing by.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #1: We march because we recognize we are not marching with criminals.

RODRIGUEZ: The law, signed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer, and due to go into effect in late July, requires state and local police officers to check the status of people they believe are in the country illegally. Critics say the law unfairly targets Hispanics who make up about a third of the state's population. Recent college grad Martin Moreno worries about racial profiling.

MARTIN MORENO: It's not fair that people have to live in a state and feel afraid of the police, afraid of their local government.

RODRIGUEZ: Peter Morales came all the way from Boston.

PETER MORALES: This law violates our fundamental principles of human dignity.

RODRIGUEZ: Susan Doane from Long Beach.

SUSAN DOANE: People don't support this law. That is a minority of racists that does support this law.

RODRIGUEZ: Among the sea of signs calls for President Obama to take the lead in the immigration debate, and live up to his promise for immigration overhaul.

STATE REP. BEN MIRANDA (D-AZ): This President promised immigration reform this year, and he has not delivered. The end result is going to be a cost to his legacy.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #2: Being a Nazi is un-American. Don't you know that?

RODRIGUEZ: J.T. Rady was a lone voice in this crowd, supporting the law, on face, by the number of protesters.

J.T. RADY, PROTESTER: We're taking a stand against this that numbers don't matter. It doesn't matter how many that they bring against us, we're still going to stand up against it.

RODRIGUEZ: And, Lester, supporters of the bill who will be holding their own rally later on today, say SB-1070 is critical and is long overdue and is critical to securing Arizona's border.

- Brent Baker is Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow him on Twitter.