CNN's Yellin Says 'Very Subdued' Coakley Swamped by 'Tidal Wave of Voter Rage'

When Democrats lose, liberal reporters tend to see anger and fear, and never positive motivations. CNN reporter Jessica Yellin found the "anger and fear" on Monday night in Massachusetts. She found it again during live coverage just after 10 pm Tuesday night from the Coakley campaign after the Democrat's concession speech, painting Coakley as a "very subdued woman" swamped by "a tidal wave of voter rage."

"The president told her you can't win 'em all, that's what she told us, and you could see the Martha Coakley there that voters saw, a woman who spent 20 years in public service, but a very subdued, restrained woman who could not have prepared for what she confronted, and certainly Democrats in this state say she was not prepared for - a tidal wave of voter rage that the Democrats just did not foresee here."

Yellin said Coakley went on vacation after winning the primary and even failed to do polling in December. She forwarded the White House spin that the Coakley defeat is "in no way a repudiation of President Obama or a reflection on his policies."

At the start of the 11 pm hour, Yellin relayed that "one person I talked to said the loss of this Senate seat in such a blue state is not just astonishing, it's sinful."

That's a strange response from secular Democrats, as Yellin added that finger-pointing Democrats could not believe she ran on "wedge cultural issues" like contraception during an economic downturn.

Yellin toned down the tidal wave to a "tidal wave of voter anger," not rage, but said Democrats say "they better ride it, or they'll get crushed by it."

-Tim Graham is Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center.