Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Massachusetts Edition

Reporter Abby Goodnough awaits the crowning of the new senator representing Massachusetts, Martha Coakley, and columnist Charles Blow finds New Englanders have morphed from educated progressives ...

It Begins: Dem Loss in Mass. Senate Due to Sexism?

Strangely, Ted Kennedy is not mentioned in a story about sexism in Mass. politics. Reporter Katie Zezima instead wonders if Mass. voters knew Martha Coakley was a woman, since she "never mentioned ...

Race Over, Times Finally Lays Out Martha Coakley Gaffes It Ignored During Campaign

The Times points out four gaffes made by Democrat Martha Coakley during her losing campaign to Republican Scott Brown. So why didn't the Times mention them during the actual campaign?

Floundering Gail Collins Find 'Bright Side,' Lame Excuses for GOP's Mass. Win

Don't blame Obama - all these Democratic losses are just about state issues: "The voters of Massachusetts were definitely angry about taxes, although the ones they seemed most ticked off about ...

Nagourney Admits Scott Brown 'Shocked and Arguably Humiliated' Obama, Dems

Political reporter Adam Nagourney (mostly) refrains from sugarcoating another Democratic loss.

Two Times Reporters Suggest Talk of GOP Comeback 'Premature'

Adam Nagourney on Tuesday morning, hypothesizing a Scott Brown victory and already discounting its import: "If he does win, what meaning does the victory hold a month from now, much less 11 months ...

The Meanness of Martha Coakley

The networks didn't highlight it, but here's what should not be forgotten about the Massachusetts Senate race: the sheer meanness of Martha Coakley and her campaign character assassins.

CNN's Yellin Says 'Very Subdued' Coakley Swamped by 'Tidal Wave of Voter Rage'

When Democrats lose, liberal reporters tend to see anger and fear, and never positive motivations. CNN reporter Jessica Yellin found the "anger and fear" during live coverage just after 10 pm ...

Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Mass. Special Election Edition

Reporter Abby Goodnough (and Times Watch, alas) on the next Senator from Massachusetts, Martha Coakley.

Matthews Blares: A Vote for Scott Brown is 'Premeditated Murder for Health Care!'

Chris Matthews left no doubt for Massachusetts voters what was at stake with their vote in today's Senate election as the MSNBC host, on Tuesday's Hardball, underlined, in graphic terms, that a ...
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