Network Evening Newcasts Ignore Resignation of Disgraced Baltimore Mayor; Morning Shows Forget Dem Label

While the Democratic Mayor of Baltimore, Shelia Dixon, resigned on Wednesday amid a criminal scandal, the evening news programs on NBC, ABC, and CBS all failed to mention the political downfall.

On Thursday, all three network morning shows offered news briefs on the resignation, however, all forgot to note that Dixon was a Democrat.

On NBC's Today, co-host Ann Curry mentioned: "Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon announced her resignation on Wednesday after she was convicted of embezzlement. She also agreed to plead guilty to perjury in a deal reached with prosecutors."

On ABC's Good Morning America, co-host Juju Chang explained: "Baltimore's mayor is resigning as part of a plea deal. Prosecutors say Sheila Dixon failed to disclose thousands of dollars in gifts from an ex-boyfriend who got tax breaks from the city. She was also convicted of stealing gift cards to donated to the needy."

Similarly, CBS Early Show co-host Russ Mitchell also failed to revealed Dixon's party affiliation: "Baltimore, Maryland Mayor Sheila Dixon announced her registrat - or resignation rather, after pleading guilty to perjury. Under a plea bargain, Dixon will receive probation at her sentencing in February. In a separate case last month, Dixon was convicted on a misdemeanor charge of stealing gift cards intended for needy families."