'Today' Show Groupies Fawn Over 'Crooner-in-Chief' Obama: 'He Could Be on The Voice'

Having apparently run out of actual news to cover on Friday, the cast of NBC's Today gushed over President Obama singing a line from the song "Let's Stay Together" during a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater. After a clip played of the musical moment, weatherman Al Roker proclaimed: "He could be on The Voice." News anchor Natalie Morales excitedly added: "Sign him up." [Listen to the audio]

Co-host Matt Lauer agreed, declaring Obama was "really very good." The sycophantic group went even further when fellow co-host Ann Curry touted: "...our editors actually did...a little mash-up between a little Obama, a little [singer] Al Green. Let's take a listen." After the ridiculous video, Curry admitted: "We obviously had too much time on our hands." Yeah, no kidding.

Here is a portion of the January 20 exchange:


MATT LAUER: President Obama was in New York City on Thursday doing a little fundraising and during a stop at the Apollo Theater, with the legendary singer in the audience, the President broke into the Al Green hit, "Let's Stay Together." Check it out.

BARACK OBAMA [SINGING]: I...so in love with you.


ANN CURRY: The man has the voice.

NATALIE MORALES: Come on, keep going.

CURRY: I know. And to do it in front of Al Green, which is-

AL ROKER: Yeah, you've got to hit that note.

MORALES: That's a real high one.

ROKER: I mean, he could be on The Voice.

MORALES: Sign him up.

LAUER: Really very good. And that makes up for him blocking traffic all last night with his motorcade.

- Kyle Drennen is a news analyst at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow Kyle Drennen on Twitter.