CyberAlert -- 09/12/1996 -- Latest NQ & Get a T-Shirt

Three items today:

1. The Washington Post found a place where they reduce the deficit by cutting taxes. It isn't the U.S. If only Bob Dole were running for Prime Minister of France he might get a positive spin on his tax cut proposal. Headline from Friday's (September 6) Washington Post: "France to Cut Taxes $5 Billion in Effort to Reduce Deficit."

2. Get a complimentary "Team Clinton: The Starting Line-Up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps" T-shirt. For the San Diego convention the MRC created T-shirts with a drawing of Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Bryant Gumbel sitting behind an anchor desk. Above the drawing the shirt reads: "Team Clinton." And below: "The Starting Line-Up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps." They are white with blue printing. We have them in medium, large, extra large and XX large. If you'd like one, specify the size you want and e-mail your address to Kathy Ruff: They are complimentary, but we'd always appreciate a contribution.

3. Read the September 9th edition of Notable Quotables with quotes from Democratic convention coverage. -- Brent Baker