Krauthammer Blasts 'Incredible Lack of Curiosity of the Mainstream Media' on Obama Scandals

During a panel discussion on Wednesday's Special Report on Fox News, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer denounced the "incredible lack of curiosity of the mainstream media" regarding the Obama administration's IRS scandal and observed: "...had this been a Republican abusing the IRS, you can be sure the mainstream media would have been all over it." [Listen to the audio]

Krauthammer added that President Obama "knows, as in Benghazi, as in all the other scandals, that he can hide, he can play rope-a-dope, he can string it out and over time it becomes old news. And that's what he's counting on....what the President hopes for, and he's now succeeded with other of these scandals, is you wait, you wait it out, you stonewall. And he got past – you know, on some of them, on Benghazi – he got past the election in 2012. He thinks he'll get past the elections in 2014."

Commenting on Obama's assertion to Bill O'Reilly on Sunday that there was not even a "smidgen of corruption" at the IRS as it was targeting conservative groups, Krauthammer declared: "[Obama] knows it was a corrupt deal, which is why he came out on the day or the day after the scandal had broken and he fired the acting commissioner and he knew there was something here."

Krauthammer was honored at the Media Research Center's 2013 gala with the William F. Buckley Jr. Award for Media Excellence.

— Kyle Drennen is Senior News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Kyle Drennen on Twitter.