Schultz Tries to Make Sikh Temple Shootings an Embarrassment for Malkin

Media Research CenterOn Monday's The Ed Show, host Ed Schultz suggested that the weekend attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin proves conservative commentator Michelle Malkin was wrong in 2009 when she criticized a Homeland Security report in 2009 which suggested an increase in domestic terrorism from right-wing groups in response to the election of the first African-American President.

After recounting the shootings, the MSNBC host tied in Malkin. Schultz:

A 2009 Homeland Security report warned us about this type of tragedy: "Lone wolves...embracing violent right-wing extremist ideology are the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States."

The left-wing MNNBC host continued:

At the time, conservatives mocked the report. Michelle Malkin called it "one of the most embarrassingly shoddy pieces of propaganda I'd ever read out of DHS."

Tonight, six people are dead. Three others are fighting for their lives, and a community is left to pick up the pieces.

-- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center