How ‘Twisted’ – Lacy’s Dad Digs Dudes

Agatha Christie writes: “A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law ...” Except in this week’s episode of “Twisted,” a mother’s love instead twists the law when she confesses to being a killer to deter investigators from suspecting her son Danny of a second murder.

As Chief Masterson tries to piece together the clues and also convince Karen to retract her confession, his daughter and her friends deal with drama of their own. Danny deals with the potential situation of having to move to Arizona if his mother goes to jail, and Lacey finds out a secret about her dad’s life in Seattle.

Hollywood’s obsession with force-feeding audiences gay characters and situations (“Modern Family,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Glee,” “The New Normal,” etc.) hasn’t take a summer holiday. It seems that almost every network show is throwing in a gratuitous (positive-enforcing) gay situation now. On “Twisted” it’s Lacey’s dad being caught making out with her sister’s gymnastics coach in the pantry. Somehow, his coming out is supposed to justify her parents divorce and is somehow going to heal the past hurtful behavior because he’s being “honest” now.

Also, can it just be said that Denise Austin looks far too young to be Danny’s mom? It looked like they were going in for a kiss and was honestly surprising when they hugged it out when he was telling her how much he needed her in his life.

“Twisted” sure is full of twists and turns, but in two more episodes, everything should be straightened out. Except Lacey’s dad.