No Empty ‘Suits’ in this Week’s Episode


Ahem. And now back to your regularly schedule 20-something, heterosexual, male blogger ... But seriously. So. Much. Happened. If you don't want to know just some of tonight’s awesomeness read no further.

Every one good? Good.

Where to begin? Should I start with Mike meeting Rachel's parents? Or Rachel's Stanford bombshell? Harvey being chill with Donna's affair with Steven? Jessica offering Harvey a position as managing partner? Harvey and Steven picking a massive fight with a corporate raider who had just gotten the better of them? Louis Litt and his British arch nemesis bonding over a cat?

(Side note, if a cat could end the feud between Louis and his arch-nemesis, what about the Middle East? Certainly couldn't do any worse than John Kerry, right?)

It was back and forth all episode long. From one fascinating scene to the next. This episode was so jam packed with interesting story bits that I am even going to forgo my snarky rants about the increasingly racy bent of the show and its denigration of homeschooling.

(You can't tell me Louis Litt being homeschooled portrays homeschooling in a good light. YOU CAN'T!)

Okay, so I lied a bit about the homeschooling rant, but still ... This was a fantastic episode. And that is a good thing since one of the lame 10-years-in-the-past episodes is coming next week. Will my good will carry over next week? Stay tuned for next week's installment of as the blogger turns.