S’more Sex at ‘Camp’

Well, just when it seemed that “Camp” was on the track to a decent plot line, it fell back into the sex rut.

This week, we start out by Mack walking in on her son Buzz masturbating to a swimsuit magazine. This is shortly followed by Roger using the word “bone” as much as possible to annoy Mack while on a tour of the camp. Social outcast Marina finds out that a nude sexting photo has been posted all over the camp in order to embarrass her. Sarah has to decide between her boyfriend Robbie and the hot writer she met at Camp Ridgefield. Cole and Roger have a brawl in the back alley of the bar where all of the parents and counselors are socializing one night (who is watching the kids?).

All of this is followed by the coup de gras of Buzz walking in on his mom having sex with Roger (with a mom like that, no wonder Buzz has a summertime sex goal). Somehow, the cutesy ending of Mack giving Buzz a lock for his door (and getting one for her) somehow makes it all ok.

All of this behavior is totally inappropriate for a family camp setting (or a young adult television show), yet none of it is acknowledged as such. NBC needs s’more content.