The Confounding Cat Caper

Media Research CenterWell, the way I see it, this episode of Suits boils down to two distinct themes: good ol' fashion lawyering,  and cats. This being the internet, I shall focus solely on cats rather than the season's main story line. The moral of this story, kids, is cats rule the internet. Do not rebel.

First, a confession: like Louis and Nesbit, I am a cat man. (Not to be confused with Anne Hathaway who was a delightful Catwoman.) The day that I had to leave my stray, orange tabby at home and head off to college was quite sad. All that to say, I sympathize with Louis and Nesbit. The bond between a cat and his owner is a special thing.

Even still, I'm not quite sure what to make of the cat trial. We were introduced to the cat caper through the use of code and some classic spy music. A light-hearted diversion for sure. Then, they proceeded to have Louis seriously propose a trial for custody of the cat. That two high-powered lawyers would hold a mock trial over custody of a cat with the associates as judges breaks the wall of suspended disbelief. Surely, the trial would be a comical romp.

No. Nesbit dismisses his associate attorney, secretly brings in a hostile witness, and when he loses the trial brings Louis a counter proposal. So, I guess we are supposed to take this trial seriously.

But wait. How can we take this trial seriously when an upper level lawyer at a top tier law firm in New York City gets beaten by a paralegal? I mean, seriously! She's not even an associate!

I'm not sure I will ever know quite how to view this cat caper, serious plot line or fun diversion, but I think we can all agree on one thing: cats rule the internet. Vive les chats!