Suits: Conflict of Interest

The title of this episode is Conflict of Interest. It should have been called Conflict AND Interest. Or better yet, Conflict and Love Interest. This episode hinged on these two factors: the conflict of insubordination and the affair between Donna and her British boy toy, Steven. 

I'd like to say I’m appalled by the double entendre and salacious banter surrounding the latter, but it would be little more than manufactured outrage. Moral indecencies in a high-powered New York law office? I just can't get outraged over something that I've come to expect. At least the banter was somewhat clever. Silver linings, eh?

Fortunately, Donna's steamy affair was not the main focus of the episode. Instead, it was Harvey’s insubordination in refusing Jessica's command to have the oil executive on trial for murder step down as CEO. Harvey used Darby (51% ownership to Jessica's 49%) to resist Jessica's demand, forcing Jessica to back down. Jessica flew to Toronto to get Darby's backing and instead found herself becoming insubordinate after Darby’s refusal. This led to the usual deceit and lying around the office. In the end, the oil CEO was removed from her post against Darby's wishes. 

The episode closed out with Darby in New York chewing out Jessica over this outcome. Jessica fought back, citing the billing revenue that she kept with the firm, and the rift that had been simmering at Pearson Darby finally boiled over. Just when one management shakeup had settled down, it seemed another one was brewing. This time it's two spots up for grabs and three players. Time to kick the shady behavior into full gear!