Suits: Ethics? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Ethics

Media Research CenterIf you'll recall, last week instead of focusing on this season of Suits' plot, I blathered on about cats. I'm not sorry. Cats rule.  #noapologies.

Of course, not even I thought that my (excessive?) focus on cats last week would actually be important to this week's episode. But sure enough, last week's cat trial generated this week's secondary plot, Harold suing Louis. That's what you call vindication, boys and girls.

But the complete and utter vindication of my excessive focus on cats last week is not the point. Rather, the point is I was out with a girl on Friday night. (I don't feel like I can stress that enough after having written this.)

During the course of the evening,  Suits came up. She told me about this joke that her fellow law students in her ethics class (I know, I'm just as shocked as you are that they have ethics classes in law school.) tell. How do you know what the right answer is in ethics class? Just do the opposite of whatever they do in Suits.

I bring this up not only to brag about my social life, but also to point out how right this week's episode proved her to be. If lack of ethics were a contest, this week's winner would be Darby, who lies about a conversation he never actually had with Steven about the murder Steven authorized in Africa.

Sure, there were plenty of other lies, deceptions, and lawless deeds to choose from, but any time the head of an international law firm will lie to the opposing consul in order to save his client, who is special to him because she enabled him to be secretly gay with her father... well, that just takes the cake.

So to recap: cats rule, I go out with women, and Suits is a great tutor on what not to do in any ethical situation.