'Power Lunch' Guest Says No to Greek Debt, Warns All Governments Will Default

Marc Faber tells CNBC that market turmoil caused by Europe is a 'correction,' praises soundness of emerging economies.

NY Times Demands Discrimination Payments to Black Farmers; Ignores Massive Fraud

Paper incensed about bureaucracy when it hinders racial reparations, not when it shields class action fraud.

NBC Feeds Toyota Fears; Ignores Government's Conflict of Interest

Toyota safety incidents are rare and the transportation secretary's boss owns a competitor, but you'd never know it from 'Today.'

Epic Double Standard: Lefties Once Outraged by Possible Kudlow Senate Run Mum on Schultz

Liberals not holding MSNBC 'The Ed Show' host to the same standard as conservative CNBC host was held to in 2008.

Liberal Rep. Moran Praises MSNBC, Urges Ed Schultz to Run for Senate

Virginia Democrat claims White House pays 'much more attention' to MSNBC than Fox News and encourages 'Ed Show' host to pressure for public option.

Maddow Invents New Terms to Degrade Conservatives: GOP-Baggers, Tea-Publicans

MSNBC host vents about Rep. Parker Griffith's move to the Republican Party in attack on the tea party movement.

Double Standard: 'Fairly Big Split' Among Liberals on Health Care Downplayed

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas admits divide in 'progressive movement'; receives little fanfare as compared to media exploitation when conservatives disagree.

CNBC's Cramer Rips 'Greedy' Government for Playing the Market

'Mad Money' host shows another example where government doesn't know best in the private sector.

'60 Minutes' Segment Explores the Ideas of Rationing, 'Pulling the Plug on Grandma'

'Cost of Death' segment tackles hard questions, ignores how government caused current problems.

Huckabee: Obama's Redistribution Extends to Health Care, Foreign Policy

FNC host and former Arkansas governor says president's policies well-intentioned, but gone about 'in the worst possible way if they're really serious about recovery.'
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