Agents of SHIELD Take Shot at GOP

I know I've said it before, and while I don't want to be the boy who cried propaganda, this most recent episode of SHIELD reeked of it. 

  • Wealthy businessman villian? check (bonus points for him being white.)
  • Did he exploit the earth? Check (at least allegedly. I don't buy that mining for minerals necessarily exploits the earth.).
  • Did he dislike regulations? Check.
  • Did he care about destroying ecosystems? No.
  • Did he care about future generations? No.
  • Was he motivated by profit? Yes
  • Did he have an offshore haven that was tax friendly? Yes

If this was a radio show, I would have pictured the bad guy as Mitt Romney, though perhaps you would have just inserted a generic mental picture of any Republican. As it is, our bad guy, Ian Quinn, could very well have been just that, a generic picture of a Republican.

Though, to be far, he was probably a bit younger than your stereotypical Republican. So there's nooooooo way SHIELD thought they were going after Republicans. Not a chance...

News and Notes

  • Am I the only one that was freaked out that Coulson sent Dr. Hall to his death by shooting out the floor?!? That didn't seem very good guyish to me...
  • Also relating to Coulson, what did May mean when she tacked on, "...and died." to Coulson's statement that he has already seen combat??? Did he die, die? If so, how did he come back to life? This might be one of the few parts of the show that intrigues me enough to come back each week.
  • The other reason  to keep coming back? Skye in the fuchsia cocktail dress. Oh yea! That'll do SHIELD, that'll do...