Big Bang Theory: The Convention Conundrum

Season 7 Episode 14

James Earl Jones graced the set of the Big Bang Theory this week, playing himself, or at least a kind of crazy, bad ass version of himself. I don't know him personally, so perhaps he actually is that much of a bad ass, but all I saw throughout the whole episode was this:

Totes magotes. Over and over and over again. Totes magotes. On repeat. Every single word he said. Totes magotes. Clearly, I should see a therapist.

But my need for therapy aside, James Earl Jones was a delight. Lion King karaoke, ferris wheel ride, ding-dong ditch, and a sauna with Sheldon provided a nice change of pace from the typical teasing of Sheldon.

And in a show that relies heavily on witty one liners, James Earl Jones provided a galaxy full of them. Here are a few of my favorites:

*My wife's in New York, and I got a Lion King residual check burning a hole in my pocket. SIIIIIIMBAAAAAAA!!!!

*And San Diego is right across the border from my favorite city on Earth, Tijuana, where I'm taking you every night. Ay-yi-yi. Ay-yi-yi bang, bang!

*Who's house is that? Carrie Fisher. And she's a little crazy, so get ready to run. (ding-dong) It's not funny anymore, James! Then why am I laughing!

What were your favorite lines? Let me know in the comments below.