Hostages Continues Downward Spiral

How stupid do you have to be to:

  • Attempt to move a hostage to a new location without blindfolding or gagging her? Come on! That’s just lazy storytelling.


  • Follow the instructions of a PA announcement at a bus station while you’re running away from people who have already demonstrated their ability to be anywhere and do anything?


  • Steal so directly from Star Wars? Seriously, writers! One of the henchmen owes a cartel money because the “stuff” she was smuggling got seized at the border? What’s the cartel gonna do next—freeze her in carbonite?


The verdict is in as various critics are handing in their final rulings on this fall’s shows: Hostages stinks. It’s boring, derivative, and denies viewers of the kinds of setups and situations a premise like this promised.

And one last thought, as long as we’re piling on here:

Writers, “You are not in charge of me!” is a retort an 8-year-old uses, not a high schooler.