Hostages Pitches A Lousy Curve

A crummy twist in a rotten show

Hostages Continues Downward Spiral

Echoing Democrats, MSNBC, Times Editorial Slams GOP for Taking FAA 'Hostage'

Although it's Senate Democrats who are refusing to debate and vote on a House plan to fund the Federal Aviation Administration through September 16, the New York Times editorial board today ...

So Much for Civility: Times Embraces Obama's 'Hostage-Taking' Rhetoric

The sedate, responsible New York Times advances the cause of civility on its editorial page: "President Obama was right to use the metaphor of hostage-taking to describe the Republicans' tactics."

The Incredible Disappearing Nobel Prize-Winner

North Korea imprisons his employees, but Al Gore doesn't seem inconvenienced.

On Hostage-Taliban Swap, Insight from an Anti-American Paranoid

The Times gets perspective from a Communist reporter selling an anti-American conspiracy theory.
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