How I Met Your Mother Spinoff

What Rhymes With Mother??? Dad!!!

Today, at my day time job at Radio America (where I am the mild-mannered Kent Clark), I learned that How I Met Your Mother has finally produced a spinoff: How I Met Your Dad.

Personally, I have mixed reactions to this news. On the one hand, despite a weak final season, I am a huge (think Popeye's biceps big) How I Met Your Mother fan. On the other hand, I think spinoffs, sequels, and prequels are just an excuse to be lazy and uncreative.

Of course, I did just go and see Thor 2 on opening weekend, so perhaps I shouldn't throw stones in my glass house...

Anyways, however you come down on the spinoff debate, How I Met Your Dad should be judged on its own merits. Even the producers seem to be asking for that by not trying to shoehorn a back-door planted pilot into How I Met Your Mother's final season. I applaud their decision.

On that at least. What I can't applaud, and what I don't get in the slightest is why on earth you would name the show How I Met Your Dad when it is a spinoff from How I Met Your Mother. THE NAME SHOULD BE HOW I MET YOUR FATHER!!!

Riddle me this CBS: how much sense does it make to use 'dad' instead of 'father' in the title? Apparently, it's more than 76 cents, which is how many cents per share CBS's profit was in the third quarter.

Will this stop me from at least giving How I Met Your Dad a fair shot? No. But I guarantee you that this egregious naming mistake will be at the forefront of my mind every time I think about the show.