How I Met Your Mother's Tribute to Rhyme

So yesterday, on How I Met Your Mother,

A feat was achieved like almost no other.

They pulled it off with such dazzling élan.

A rhyming, rollicking episode they put on.

A series of stories that Marshall did spin.

Told on the bus to his son Marvin.

Those stories in all, they were but three.

Stories of Ted, Robin, and Barney.

First there was Ted and the cute professor.

Sadly for him, Barney had already met her.

Ted had wondered if their dinner was a date,

But Barney already had been her mate.

Next there was Robin and the wedding cake.

A fool of the confection Robin did make.

It was her ex's and she ate it briskly,

Till her stomach a pump required quickly.

Lastly came Barney, a girl and a story.

Claiming to be a king, he told of his glory:

His self-proclaimed title New York's Player King.

But Ted got the digits. This revenge he did bring.

Then the bus broke down. Oh good golly gee.

But the fireworks outside were Marvin's first memory.

Thus ends my tribute to "Bedtime Stories".

Hope you didn't find it overly... bories???