Marvel's Hollow Agents of SHIELD

While The Blacklist returned with a whimper, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD came back with a bang. With fast pace and high drama, SHIELD proved that even the a foregone conclusion can be made exciting. If the show had gone full Game of Thrones, though, I might have completely lost it. But alas, SPOILERS, there were no deaths to be had last night.

Still, this episode showed its quality not only with its high-drama scenes, but also in a deeper question that it wrestled with - just because you could, does that mean you should? More specifically, at what point does medical treatment cease being ethical?

This isn't the first time SHIELD has wrestled with this type of issue. Since Coulson wanted to get Skye treatment similar to his own, it shouldn't be surprising that Coulson's own treatment brought up the ethics of medicine the first time.

I was surprised, however, that Coulson, who vigorously* wanted to die during the operation, would put Skye through the same type of procedure. What isn't surprising is Coulson's change of heart. After we saw what Coulson saw earlier, I thought my pizza would be making a return trip through my esophagus. It was truly disgusting, and whoever did that must be a hollow man inside.  Perhaps we will soon find out who was behind it.

*Yes, I get the irony of using 'vigorously' to describe how much someone wanted to die. What can I say? I'm a twisted dude.