Revenge: Some Bells Can't Be Unrung

RevengeDoes something ever come out of your mouth in an instant and the next you wish you could take it all back? If you're anything like me (and I hope for your sake you aren't), this is something of a weekly occurrence.

Sometimes, I just come off as ignorant. Sometimes, I appear quite foolish. But sometimes, as the words cascade over my open lips, I wish I could stuff those horrifying SOBs back into my mouth as fast as they are coming out. Those are the bells I really wish I could unring. They are the hollow point bullets that rip through the metaphorical flesh of the person with whom I'm speaking.

"Forget it. Forget I said anything."

Never a good conclusion to a fight. Those words are almost without fail preluded by a vicious accusation or personal attack. Something like saying to your boyfriend... " Is she why you're so eager for me to take a job in Italy?"

Not good... I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Jack and Margeaux's relationship isn't long for this world -er- the world of Revenge at any rate.

Sometimes it isn't words, but a consistent pattern of behavior that cannot be undone. I'm such a flamethrower with my words that I typically burn bridges well before this point, but I'm told this is a real thing. Trust me, I'm a blogger. On the internet. 

Now that I have your trust, have an example of this type of thing that I have expert knowledge in. Constantly toying with a guys emotions, pulling him close only to push him away again, is a good way to kill a relationship.  At some point, he's not gonna want to put his hand into the blender again. Shocking, I know. I mean, I thought for sure Aiden would come once again at Emily's beck and call. Sure he does show up, but only as a juicy tease for the next episode.