Two Questions for Modern Family


What do you call a pimp with a cane, bright purple suit, and a feather in his cap? Modern Family, because apparently creativity went out the window last night, and clichés replaced it.

Things started off on a sour note with an ill-fated Missouri/misery joke. Don't get me wrong, I love mocking flyover country as much as anyone else. That's how a Philly boy like myself survives. That and cheesesteaks. But how tired is the Missouri/misery shtick?!? At least be clever with your mockery, Modern Family. Instead, all we got was a misery joke, farm life clichés, and your typical old person homophobia (because it could never be a principled stand).


What do you call a 25 year old, single, and employed male? Me, a.k.a. a part of the tv demo sweet spot.    Which means one of two things doesn't make sense: either I should like the Apollo 13 movie, or Modern Family should pick slightly less dated movies. Possibly both. Even if I were quite attached to Apollo 13, this episode still felt overdone-particularly the last scene where Phil reattaches the final two pieces. Having never seen the movie before, I'm sure the spoof was executed well (Modern Family only does excellence), but all the hoopla was just too excessive-even for a sitcom.