Wilmore Whiffs on Dolezal-Climate Change Comparison

Comedy Central “Nightly Show” host Larry Wilmore unwittingly – which is how it normally works on Comedy Central – swerved into making the case for how the Rachel Dolezal story is an exact metaphor for climate change advocates, while attempting to prove that Dolezal is a metaphor for climate change deniers.

In responding to Dolezal’s statement that she didn’t like the term “African-American,” but did indeed consider herself to be black, Wilmore said “Let me see if I can clarify that. It is her opinion that she is black. Much like climate change denial, this is not based on science.”

Of course, Wilmore has this backwards, given that we’ve had more than 18 years without any global warming – an inconvenient truth that sent climate change activists into scurrying into cover-up mode. And given that we’ve had recent growth in the Arctic Ice, despite Al Gore’s claims that it would all be gone by now. Caring liberals can still find polar bears to hug (indeed, they’re encouraged to!). Seeing that New York’s West Side Highway is very much not submerged, as NASA scientist James Hansen claimed it would be, it’s clear that Rachel Dolezal is a metaphor for global warming advocates not deniers.

Because, like Dolezal’s “blackness,” global warming is truth only in their own minds.