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Larry Wilmore: What Should We Expect Next? A President Who Is ‘Gay-Married’?

Late night host expects next ‘step’ for gay marriage is a gay, married president.
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Ebony Editor: Being ‘Bus Driver’, or ‘Black Person’ ‘More Dangerous" than Being a Cop

Larry Wilmore roundtable guests make ridiculous assertions about police brutality.
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Larry Wilmore Show Cheers Zimmerman Shooting

Attempted murder is comedy for the race-baiting Comedy Central host.
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Larry Wilmore: ‘Muslim’ Is the New ‘Black,’ ‘Gay’

Colbert replacement builds straw men.
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Wilmore: Creationists like Cruz Don’t Deserve Respect or to be POTUS

Nightly Show mocks Christians and boos only conservative on the panel.
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Late-Night Comedian Jokes about ‘CrossFit’ Jesus

Christians are the target of comedians – once again.
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