The Emmys Sink to a New Low

The much anticipated list finally arrived. Many hard working producers, writers, and actors waited with baited breath to hear the possibly career-changing announcement; hoping that their dedication to their craft and the constant effort to produce quality television had paid off. And then they realized, “Oh wait, the Emmys have ignored us for years…” It's a point driven home this year with the surprise (but not really) nomination of “Family Guy.”

Family Guy has been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Unlike previous years, these nominations were decided by popular vote. Essentially, the Academy decided not to have a panel make the final decision, instead the vote lay solely on the members. Continuing with the Emmy tradition of validating shows that bash family, religion, and moral values, the Academy put the icing on the cake with “Family Guy.”

“Family Guy” goes for the cheap tricks, the easy laughs, and the jokes that are meant to offend some and entertain the lowest common denominator. It's a show that had one character wear a “McCain/Palin” pin on a Nazi uniform lapel; that, shortly after his passing from Alzheimer's, joked that former president Ronald Reagan was gay; that included a scene about horse semen and bestiality. When creator Seth MacFarlane has been at a loss for quality material (often) he's reached for the quick Jesus joke.  Now he's got an Emmy nod for it.

With this nomination, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has completely given up trying for credibility, and instead focused on perpetuating morality-free television by recognizing “Family Guy” as “outstanding.”

Perhaps once, long ago, an Emmy Award was meant to represent the pinnacle of television excellence. But now more than ever, it's just a worthless hunk of medal in the shape of a statue.