Charlie Sheen Roasts and Boasts

Comedy Central took on Charlie Sheen with a "roast" that was a merciless bonfire of ferocity. But they didn't package this so you would pity Sheen. You were supposed to envy him.

Family Guy's 'Down Syndrome Girl' Song Gets Emmy Nod

Controversial musical number mocked people with disabilities.

Fox Television's Dung Pile

Michelle Obama says her daughters only watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. If her husband had a real FCC chairman, maybe Fox wouldn't be putting on a cartoon with a dog eating feces and vomit.

ABC Gives Credibility to Claim 'Queen of Fake Outrage' Palin 'Overreacting' to 'Irreverent' MacFarlane

Now that actress Andrea Fay Friedman of the Fox series the Family Guy has spoken out publicly against Sarah Palin, ABC has aired a story on the controversy, which ran on Saturday's World News. The ...

Fox Animator MacFarlane on HBO: 'If Reagan Were President, He Would Try Dick Cheney for War Crimes'

Former President Ronald Reagan would have prosecuted Dick Cheney for war crimes, Seth MacFarlane (IMDb page), creator, writer and executive producer of the Family Guy, American Dad! and The ...

Deconstructing Christmas

Christmas is that time of year when school children gather together to celebrate - well, Star Wars, West Side Story, and Michael Jackson.

A Stomach Ache for Our Sponsors

When Microsoft backed out of sole sponsorship of a raunchy live special from the makers of "Family Guy," it showed that sponsors don't want to be held accountable for subsidizing raunchy content. ...

The Emmys Sink to a New Low

Animated television Show Family Guy is nominated for an Emmy Despite Its Egregious Nature

Fox's Lying, Slacker Jesus

The people at Fox Entertainment clearly don't care one iota about offending the millions of Christians who see Jesus as the central figure in their hopes for eternal salvation. To them, God is ...
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