The Real Dan Savage: The Bully against Bullying

Part I of II

Dan Savage is a bully. How ironic, since he heads the most high-profile anti-bullying campaign the United States. But for Savage, it only gets better if you support a rabidly liberal, “anything goes” lifestyle.

Savage recently garnered media attention for his offensive remarks about Christians, but in reality this is old news. The liberal media and Obama administration love to portray Dan Savage as the anti-bullying savior, but the real Dan Savage has been a repulsive and twisted creature for years. Just read any of his five books.  

In his books Savage penned that Christian conservatives “march in lock-step with Osama bin Laden and his Islamo-fascist buddies.” He compared Christians to the 9/11 terrorists and Adolf Hitler, obscenely mocked Catholicism labelling Catholic priests “altar-boy raping celibates,” gleefully took the Lord’s name in vain, wished Christians dead, and said being a Republican is like having terminal cancer.

In his sex -advice column “Savage Love” the anti-bullying crusader referred to heterosexuals as “breeders,” a derogatory gay pejorative for straight people, since they can procreate and gays cannot. “Savage Love” found its author heartily encouraging his readers to engage in child molestation fantasies, bondage, drug use, affairs, three-ways, incestuous relationships and other disgusting sexual acts (which will be revealed part two of this article).

His remaining four books continued Savage’s vulgar war against morality and conservatism. Savage’s views were so evident that the reader wouldn’t make it past page one of his books without something obscene and immoral crawling across the paper.

Bullying Christians and Catholics 

Savage’s favorite rhetorical device is disgusting and inaccurate hyperbole. His slimy contempt for Christians and conservatives bled off page 269 of “Skipping Toward Gomorrah” where he compared believing Christians to the 9/11 terrorists. 

“After September 11, reasonable Americans could no longer pretend that all men of faith were harmless do-gooders. The 19 hijackers were men of faith – they thought they were doing God’s work. Osama bin Laden is a man of faith.”

So all people of faith are the same. Except that in a Muslim Jihadist society Savage’s gay lifestyle might end with authorities toppling a stone wall on him. In America, Christian minister Tony Perkins publicly asked all Christians to pray for Savage.

Savage’s response to Perkins’s plea? A vicious written assault on the Bible where he called the apostle Paul gay, ending with “Fuck you too, Tony Perkins.”

Savage has a personal vendetta against Catholics. In “Savage Love” he said “Catholics have been working their hocus-pocus under the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for hundreds of years.”

He treated taking the Lord’s name in vain as casually as lefties drop the word “tolerance,” saying “I might have focused [this book] on the 10 Commandments, I suppose, but, Christ who hasn’t taken the Lord’s name in vain? Or dishonored their stupid parents?” 

Even more Christian-bashing ensued in “The Kid.” In typical Dan Savage obscenity he fantasized his adopted child’s fundamentalist Christian grandparents would “get so worked up, they both have strokes and die.” 

Bullying Conservatives 

In “The Kid” Savage devoted an entire paragraph to comparing conservative disagreement with homosexuality to Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitism. “This was an attempt by religious conservatives to introduce a deadly, new kind of hatred into American culture: eliminationist homophobia,” Savage said. “In his book ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners,’ Daniel Goldhagen described pre-war German anti-Semitism as unique and murderous; he called it eliminationist.” Savage concluded.

All Republicans are abominations in Savage’s eyes and to him, “Watching the Republican National Convention is like going to the doctor every four years, and being told your body is riddled with horrible, disfiguring, fast-spreading, terminal cancer.” 

“Skipping Toward Gomorrah” is the most militantly anti-conservative and anti-Christian book, focusing on Savage’s “unalienable right” (given to him by the Declaration of Independence) to the pursuit of the seven deadly sins.

In “Skipping Toward Gomorrah” Savage defined moral conservatives as “virtuecrats” who “have banded together to shove their virtues down his throat.” Highly ironic, since it is Savage himself who tours the country spreading his message against conservatives.

Adored by the Left 

Savage is beloved by the White House and President Obama, despite his twisted and profane war on morality and conservatism. In fact, President Obama personally endorsed his “It Gets Better” campaign.

In a personal message in Savage’s book “It Gets Better,” President Obama said, “If it means that you’ll be more likely to help fight discrimination, not just against LBGT Americans, but discrimination in all forms. It’s so important that as adults we set an example in our own lives and treat everybody with respect.”

But Obama wrote that long after Savage had crudely slandered presidential candidate Rick Santorum with a vile Google bomb for merely believing in traditional Christian teaching about homosexuality. “I will never take the website down,” Savage said about 

There was also no answer from Obama when Savage called hundreds of Christian students “pansy-assed,” after they refused to listen to his bigoted rhetoric at a high school speech.

Savage wrote in “It Gets Better” that we need to “create a world where no child, gay or straight, is bullied for being different.” But he’s clearly unable to practice what he preaches. While Savage calls Christian fundamentalists “hateful, divisive, and mean” the truly hateful and divisive person in the room is Savage himself.

And while Savage advocated the bullying of gay individuals in America cannot be tolerated, even he failed miserably at living up to his own mantra. In “Savage Love,” the anti-bullying bully ruthlessly assaulted and cursed a fellow homosexual who was in the closet.

“You aren’t special, and to be perfectly frank at this point in history you aren’t interesting. If you’re miserable then come the fuck out. I have no sympathy for guys who know they’re gay, and yet choose to remain in the closet out of sheer chickenshittedness. In the meantime, spare us your bullshit whining. Don’t have the balls to come out now or ever? Fine. Don’t. Rot in the closet,” Savage wrote in response to a gay individual. 

“It Gets Better” only applies if Savage approves of you. Truly Dan Savage is a hypocrite, and rotten to the core.