Notable Quotables - 05/13/1991


Defeat from Victory

"U.S. policy collapsed on March 19, 1989, when the Salvadoran people elected Alfredo Cristiani, a coffee oligarch and presidential standard-bearer of the neo-Fascist Arena party, in a landslide victory."
- New York Times State Department correspondent Clifford Krauss in his new book, Inside Central America.


Sandinista Achievements

"[Oliver North] and the Reagan Administration placed the United States in the role of a cruel bully, waging a dirty war to defend security interests that even its closest allies did not believe were truly threatened....

"Sandinista leaders could claim other successes as well. They encouraged Nicaraguans to take pride in their nationality and their heritage. They destroyed the rigid class structure that had confined Nicaraguans since time immemorial. And their policies, however misguided, were based on the premise that government's greatest responsibility was to the poor and dispossessed."
- Stephen Kinzer, former aide to Michael Dukakis and New York Times Central America reporter during the 1980s, in his new book, Blood Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua.


Gorby's Goons or Considerate Commies?

"Soviets looted safes, took embassy disks, U.S. says"
- Washington Times, May 3

"State Dept. Denies Security Compromised in Moscow Fire"
- Washington Post, same day


Sununu the Slasher

"I think there's a certain amount of hypocrisy evident here in that these are some very expensive trips to Vail and to New Hampshire and other places by a man who has been known as the slasher where domestic spending for the needs of the society are concerned."
- Oakland Tribune Editor Robert Maynard on ABC's This Week with David Brinkley, April 28.


Papal Infallibility

- New York Times, May 3

"Free market gets pope's blessing"
- Washington Times, same day


Gun Control Common Sense

"In the end gun control, and certainly the Brady bill, should not be taken hostage by an absolutist one size fits all reading of the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Before it was written, you'll recall, the founding fathers were already articulating what makes this nation special. In 1776 one of them, Thomas Paine, described it simply as 'Common Sense,' which pretty well describes the case for gun control today."
- NBC Nightly News anchor Garrick Utley, April 28.


Israel the Oppressor

"For many in the U.S., the Palestinian problem changed the perception of Israel, from a young idealistic democracy to an armed camp, from a nation of victims to a nation of oppressors, from David to Goliath."
- CNN reporter Mark Feldstein on the April 23 CNN Evening News.


Looking at the Positive Side

"A decision by the Pentagon today that could cost thousands of jobs in Newport News, Virginia. The Navy has picked General Dynamics to build its new, two billion dollar Seawolf submarine in Groton, Connecticut."
- Peter Jennings on World News Tonight, May 3.


Saving Us From Conservatives

"Nancy Reagan was the epitome of her time, of its pious values and grasping mores; she was den mother to an era of materialistic dementia....[Kelley] might have written more about Mrs. Reagan's positive points: her political shrewdness, her utility as a hatchetwoman for her personable husband, her tempering of his more Neanderthal tendencies."
- New York Times White House reporter Maureen Dowd on Kitty Kelley's book, May 13 New Republic.

"[Nancy Reagan's] intrusions in the privy councils were essential in rescuing the faltering ruler from the consequences of his own foolishness. Without the statecraft of the dominatrix, Reagan's presidency probably would have been doomed to disgrace....The conservative movement that marked the cold war's onset by demonizing Alger Hiss was undone at its end by Nancy Reagan. Her apostasy was ultimately justified by the redemption of her husband. She had to destroy the conservatives in order to save him....

"Her low opinions of James Watt, William Casey, and Caspar Weinberger were discounted, and they were all appointed; the results were embarrassment, scandal, and insolvency."
- Former Washington Post reporter Sidney Blumenthal in the May 13 New Republic.


Castro's Welfare Wonderland

"If nothing else, the Cuban revolution has eliminated abject need. The cost may be generalized poverty and zero political pluralism, but, even with shortages, there is no starvation here. Education and medical care are assured for all. And, unlike in most of Latin America, you don't see naked or even shoeless children in the streets. When Castro speaks of the need to defend the gains of revolution, he means a level of social welfare rare in the underdeveloped world."
- Washington Post Assistant Foreign Editor Don Podesta, April 28 "Outlook" article.


SDI Helped or Hindered?

"'Star wars' gets a boost at a hearing"
- Boston Globe, April 17

"Effectiveness of Patriot Missile Questioned"
- Washington Post, same day


Nobody's Laughing, They're Checking Their Wallets

"Don't laugh at comedian Andy Valvur's fantasy: I want George Bush to interrupt the Lakers-Knicks game to tell me that, effective immediately, he is instituting a national health care program and that he knows that the American people are with him and understand why we have to take this drastic action."
- Former Boston Globe Editor Thomas Winship in Editor & Publisher, April 6.


Kissing Kitty

"My personal opinion regarding the Kitty Kelly book. I though it was a good read. You know, I know it's not popular to say these days, but I'm one of those people who generally has liked Kitty's writing in the past. I know of the research she does."
- Today co-host Bryant Gumbel on CNN's Larry King Live, April 24.


One More Way the U.S. Ruined Panama

"The Panamanian government, says [a government official], has neither the political will nor the resources to stop the massive deforestation which was accelerated by the U.S. invasion of Panama. Many Panamanians who were burned out of their homes say they had no choice but to move to federal reserves to grow food they can't afford to buy in the cities."
- ABC's John Quinones, April 21 World News Tonight.


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