Notable Quotables - 05/14/1990


Can't Cut Enough from Defense

"Secretary Cheney enhanced his image as a cold warrior today, trimming only two and a half billion dollars from a defense budget that many critics say ignores the prospect of peace with the Soviets."
- NBC Pentagon correspondent Fred Francis, April 26 Nightly News.

Live From the DNC, I Mean ABC

"Remember, Republicans have been very successful blaming Democrats for raising taxes without getting blamed for the higher budget deficit. So the problem for Democrats is how to cooperate with the President without being blamed once again."
- ABC anchor Peter Jennings on World News Tonight, May 8.


Our Lithuania Prediction Comes True

"Mikhail Gorbachev He dazzled the West. Now, Lithuanian response impresses Chinese leaders."
- fake Newsweek "Conventional Wisdom" item in the April Fool's edition of Notable Quotables.

"George Bush Sure, he sold 'em down the river. But he had no choice."

"Tom Foley Too bipartisan, responsible. You're supposed to bellyache on this."

Mikhail Gorbachev Iron teeth sharpened. Wins new freedom to strangle independence bids."

V. Landsbergis Pity the Lithuanian prez. His Munich analogy just didn't play."

Jesse Helms Louder, Jesse, louder. Go ahead. Lithuania doesn't export tobacco."

"Right Wing Face it, your ammo's spent. Nobody cares 'who lost Lithuania.'"
- actual Newsweek "Conventional Wisdom" on Lithuania, May 7.


Time's Inspirational Leader

"The choice facing Lenin is stark: cede large territories that seem naturally part of his country, or face all-out war without being sure his army is able or willing to fight. At first he is alone at seeking peace; at the end the ballot is almost unanimous...For Americans it is a sorrowful reminder that any leader, however inspirational, runs into the greatest trouble when he tries to spur people to think."
- Time Senior Writer William A. Henry III reviewing Mikhail Shatrov's play The Peace of Brest-Litovsk, May 7.


Stahl's Balanced Questioning

"Let me ask you both how concerned you are, in terms of public opinion, that the polls show the overwhelming majority of Americans favor the other side, the choice side, and that you keep losing all the political battles in state after state?...You can't deny that politicians who have been on your side are jumping ship left and right."
- Lesley Stahl questioning Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and the National Right to Life Committee's John Willke on CBS This Morning, April 27.


Forced To Use Force

"While a week or so ago it appeared dialogue with Moscow might be possible, with Latvia's move it now appears Mikhail Gorbachev may be forced to pursue an even harder line."
- ABC's Jim Laurie on World News Sunday, May 6.


Oh No, The People Speak

"As seen from Moscow, every silver lining has a cloud. There was something distinctly sour, even ominous, about last week's May Day demonstrations in Red Square."
- Time Editor-At-Large Strobe Talbott, May 14.


Quayle Hunting

"Can anyone be taken seriously who takes Dan Quayle seriously?....Quayle was born not only roughly a quarter-century after any preceding President; he spent another quarter-century blissfully AWOL from history....That is why, for all the jokes, we must take Dan Quayle seriously. We must do so, because Bush did not."
- Time essayist Garry Wills in his April 23 cover story.


Michael Milken, Getting Off Easy?

"Fallen Master of the Universe: The junk-bond king pleads guilty, but he's getting off light"
- Time headline, May 7.

"He will pay fines of $600 million, the most ever assessed against an individual, and he faces a potential 28 years behind bars...The Securities and Exchange Commission is setting up a fund for investor claims, using $400 million of Milken's fine. When the money runs out, investors will be free to try to collect directly from Milken, a process that is likely to dog him for years to come."
- From story that follows, by Time New York correspondent Thomas McCarroll.

Sandinistas: Democrats and Capitalists

"The inauguration of Violeta Chamorro marked the first time in Nicaraguan history that one elected government turned over power to another."
- CNN reporter Ronnie Lovler on the April 25 PrimeNews.


"The Sandinistas, with international help, built needed schools and medical clinics. And official records show that large state-owned monopolies operating mines, coffee, and sugar refineries are profitable."
- Unbylined news story in USA Today, April 25.


Destroying Nicaragua and Angola

"When will the USA take its hands off Nicaragua? The USA wrecked its economy with an embargo and armed the Contras, fueling a war that claimed 30,000 lives, in order to achieve democratic elections. Now, must the USA tell Chamorro how to govern?...Even worse, the most money the USA spends in Southern Africa is the $80 million annually to help Jonas Savimbi's rebels wage war against Angola. That is creating gross human rights abuses, one of the largest amputee populations in the world and mass starvation of refugees."
- USA Today Inquiry Editor Barbara Reynolds, April 27.


Fidel's So Popular He's Target Practice

"On the whole, he is well-liked and respected in Cuba. If a national election were held there today, he no doubt would win, even if opposition were allowed. He's admired by Hispanics, albeit grudgingly in some cases, as the only Latin American jefe (chief) in modern times to have defeated a U.S.-backed invasion of his country...To avoid assassination, he reportedly sleeps in various residences with various females or alone every few nights."
- Walter Scott in the Sunday newspaper supplement Parade, May 6.


- L. Brent Bozell III; Publisher
- Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham; Editors
- Jim Heiser, Marian Kelley, Gerard Scimeca, Stewart Verdery; Media Analysts
- Kristin Kelly; Administrative Assistant