Notable Quotables - 05/24/1993


Margaret Carlson: President of the Hillary Fan Club

"As the icon of American womanhood, she is the medium through which the remaining anxieties over feminism are being played out....Perhaps in addition to the other items on her agenda, Hillary Rodham Clinton will define for women that magical spot where the important work of the world and love and children and an inner life all come together. Like Ginger Rogers, she will do everything her partner does, only backward and in high heels, and with what was missing in [Lee] Atwater - a lot of heart."
- Time White House correspondent Margaret Carlson, May 10.

"While the pundits and the medical establishment and men in general seem to enjoy taking potshots at Hillary, the less privileged root for her at clinics in Virginia, farm halls in Iowa, auditoriums in Florida, and hospitals in Pennsylvania. The people who line up after the hearings for a word, an autograph, to shake her hand, and the 100,000 people who have written to say they think she is doing the right thing seem to appreciate her core of unbendable steel."
- Carlson in the June Vanity Fair.

"Well, she's different, you know, and the last two decades have not been easy for any woman. I think - wouldn't all of you rather just keep the goodies to yourself and not share them in general?"
- Carlson to host Brian Lamb and two male reporters, C-SPAN's Journalists' Roundtable, May 7.

Taking Hillary as Policy Wonk Seriously

"She's ecumenical but prefers Italian and Mexican. The President fixes her eggs with jalapeo peppers on the weekends. One Christmas she served black beans and chili as part of a buffet. She carries Tabasco sauce wherever she goes....Valentine's Day at the Red Sage restaurant. Even at a romantic outing, the President can be the date from hell, talking to everyone but the girl he brung....Finally alone, they have `painted soup' and the lamb baked in herbed bread. They exchange gifts and touch each other more in two hours than the Bushes did in four years."
- Carlson in the June Vanity Fair.


More Hillary Hype

"In the midst of redesigning America's health care system and replacing Madonna as our leading cult figure, the new First Lady has already begun working on her next project, far more meta-physical and uplifting....She is both impersonal and poignant - with much more depth, intellect and spirituality than we are used to in a politician...She has goals, but they appear to be so huge and far off - grand and noble things twinkling in the distance - that it's hard to see what she sees."
- Washington Post reporter Martha Sherrill, May 4.


Janet Reno, Rock Star

"One top White House official says Reno's become a rock star celebrity inside the administration...There are certainly other potential stars: Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, Henry Cisneros at HUD, Robert Reich at Labor. But Bernie, when I posed the question who's the star, every single person I asked said Janet Reno first."
- CNN reporter Charles Bierbauer, May 7 Inside Politics.

"In that instant, Reno, who had already pretty much captivated Washington with one gutsy performance after another, achieved full-fledged folk-hero status....She was cheered on both sides of the aisle in Congress and in her own Justice Department, where a succession of 25-watt, responsibility-ducking Attorneys General had left morale lower than - well, lower than an alligator's belly."
- Time contributing editor and former Washington Bureau Chief Stanley Cloud, May 10.


Clinton's Gutsy Deficit Cuts

"It's really remarkable because the American people now do associate Bill Clinton with higher taxes, and...he hasn't made the case of what they're getting in return. The fact is that this is the first President in a generation who had the guts to try to do something about deficit reduction and to take on health care, and he's somehow not selling that. He's still being perceived as an old-style Democrat."
- NBC White House reporter Andrea Mitchell, May 2 Meet The Press.

"Essentially, the [Clinton] plan maintains the balance which undoes the '80s: 70 percent of the taxes fall on wealthier people. He does have a dollar in spending cuts for every dollar in tax increases. It's true...It's the first serious attempt to cut the deficit in this country."
- Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift, May 15 McLaughlin Group.


All for Gun Control

"So in the absence of the obvious solution in this country, of better gun control. Obvious. What kind of practical things do you suggest could be done of an immediate nature?"
- Today co-host Bryant Gumbel to criminologist James Alan Fox, May 7.

"It's time to square off against guns. We are talking a sustained newspaper crusade. That means more reporting, tougher investigative work and stronger editorial pages...Investigate the NRA with renewed vigor. It may be on the run, but its spokesman claims membership ($25 annual dues) is up 600,000 over 10 years ago. Print names of elected officials who take NRA funds. Interview them. Support all forms of gun licensing; in fact, all the causes NRA opposes."
- Former Boston Globe Editor Tom Winship, April 24 Editor & Publisher.

Time for a Bigger Energy Tax - for the 25th Time in Four Years

"One way to reverse that trend [of carbon dioxide emissions] is to discourage the use of fossil fuels by raising energy taxes. Clinton has already proposed a tax on various forms of energy that would take the country about a quarter of the way to the target for carbon dioxide reduction. But even this modest proposal is running into opposition, and it is hard to imagine a more ambitious tax getting anywhere on Capitol Hill."
- Time Associate Editor Philip Elmer-DeWitt, May 3.


Dastardly Disney?

"There was a small, sad note about Cold War history that came to light last week. A new biography says that Walt Disney, the creator of an empire founded on charming children, was an informant for the FBI....meaning that Uncle Walt finked on his own cartoonists. You might wonder: did Mr. Disney believe Mickey's prodigious ears were sending secret signals to the Soviets? Did Mr. Disney believe Donald Duck's peculiar, scratchy speech concealed insidious messages only to be decoded in Moscow? I hesitate to mention this so soon after Mother's Day, but when Bambi's mother disappeared, was it because Uncle Walt turned her over to the House Un-American Activities Committee?"
- NBC weekend Today co-host Scott Simon, May 15.



"`GM says we are a bunch of incompetent boobs. We do not dispute this.'
- Stone Phillips, Dateline NBC co-host, April 1." - Notable Quotables April Fools fake quote published as real in the May Quill, the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists.


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