Notable Quotables - 05/25/1992

Advisory: Any Criticism of Liberals Is Racial Politics

"Senator, you told Tim that you thought the White House suggestion that the Great Society programs were to blame for what happened in Los Angeles was ludicrous. Was it also a racial code word - a code word to appeal to racial fears? Is it the Willie Horton of the 1992 campaign?"
- NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell interviewing Sen. Bill Bradley on Meet the Press, May 10.


Time vs. the West

"NATURE HAS A CURE FOR EVERYTHING, EXCEPT THE SPREAD OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Until recently, cultural genocide has been a quietly accepted practice. But times change and so does TIME."
- Time advertisement in the April 27 Sports Illustrated promoting their "Lost Tribes, Lost Knowledge" issue.

Blaming the Great Society?

Bush Links Rioting to 60's Policy
- Washington Post, May 7

Bush retreats from blast at Great Society
- Boston Globe, same day


Reagan's War on the Poor

"[Bush] also said he will ask Congress for immediate action that would create a zero capital gains rate for people who invest in the inner city. But that Bush tax cut may be just another version of trickle-down Reaganomics, where not enough trickles down from rich to poor."
- CNN reporter Mary Tillotson on Inside Politics, May 8.

"It was often said that Ronald Reagan's big budget cuts declared war on the poor. The most that can be said of George Bush is that he declared a cease-fire."
- NBC reporter Lisa Myers, May 7 Nightly News.


Frying The Seven Fat Years

"A paean to Reaganomics that glosses over the excesses and inequities of the Reagan era....the rising tide of '80s-style growth failed to lift all boats as advertised: the rich got bigger yachts, the middle class foundered, and many of the poor went under. The task for the 1990s will be to move beyond the excesses and inequities of the debt decade rather than strive to return to a Golden Age that never existed."
- Time Senior Writer John Greenwald reviewing Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Robert Bartley's book on Reaganomics, The Seven Fat Years, May 25 issue.

"Remember the 1980s? The decade of Ronald Reagan's presidency is already receding into history as a second Gilded Age - a time when, amid prosperity, many Americans became worse off."
- Newsweek economics reporter Marc Levinson on the same book, May 4.


Shoot Them

"Since, as you say, you're just musing here - if you were President of the United States, what would you do about Los Angeles, about these problems? Be honest."
- Anchor Garrick Utley interviewing Mikhail Gorbachev, May 16 NBC Nightly News.


Another Media Vote for Bill Clinton

"I'll vote for Bill Clinton in the District of Columbia primary on May 5. I agree with those who say he could be a very good President. Better than any of his Democratic opponents. Better than Bush or Perot. On the issues, he'll more than `do' - he's almost a neoliberal's dream....many pro-Clinton journalists can reasonably hope for something more than glamorous candlelight dinners in the Clinton White House. They can hope for jobs in the Clinton White House. The air is thick with undisclosed ambition.. let's just say that the positions of press secretary and speech-writer to President Clinton will be among the more hotly contested job opportunities to come along."
- Former Newsweek reporter Mickey Kaus in The New Republic, May 11.


Newsweek on the Cities

"We hold accountable Republicans who have savaged our urban schools, our housing, our health care, our social services. We hold accountable Democrats who have collaborated in this butchery...We hold accountable those who waste our billions on a military with no enemy to fight."
- Osborn Elliott, Newsweek editor-in-chief from 1961-76, in his speech as co-chairman of the "Save Our Cities" rally, May 16.


Doubting Deregulation

"Some voters doubt deregulation stimulates anything except unsafe conditions and unemployment. Ask airline workers whose companies folded during the decade of deregulation. And the President may find that many other voters simply don't care about deregulation, especially voters looking for radical change."
- NBC reporter John Cochran, April 28 Nightly News.


More on Willie Horton

"The Republicans, for 25 years, have seldom avoided the temptation to play the race card politically in this country. It goes back to the '60s, when Richard Nixon ran as a law-and-order President. In the '70s, Ronald Reagan, and the late '70s, he ran for President in 1980 talking about welfare queens, associating the Great Society programs with minorities, and with waste, and with crime in the streets. There has been a consistent impulse, Willie Horton was just a continuation of that, to use this issue to divide people."
- U.S. News & World Report Senior Writer Steven Roberts on Washington Week in Review, May 8.

"`I don't think we've come very far at all,' said Ben Chaney, who is black. His brother James was among three civil rights workers killed in Mississippi by the Ku Klux Klan in 1964. `There's been a lot of changes but hey, where the hell is the progress?' It's a question that many are asking in these days of Willie Horton, David Duke, and backlash against affirmative action. It's a question that in 1992 still begs an answer."
- USA Today reporter Andrea Stone, May 1.

"Good morning America. The inevitable legacy of the Bush and Reagan years has announced itself in Los Angeles....There is a direct connection between the moral vacuity and coy racism of the Willie Horton President and the verdict of the Simi Valley jury. There is a cause and effect relationship between the greed and indifference of the voodoo-economics presidencies - both of them - and the accelerating disintegration of life in the cities that has fueled violent protest and mindless crime."
- Boston Globe editorial writer Randolph Ryan, May 3.


They Aren't Looters, They're Needy "Freedom Fighters"

A Looting Binge Born of Necessity, Opportunity
- Washington Post front page, May 10

"Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan calls those who hit the streets `looters and lynchers.' President Bush calls them criminals. I call them freedom fighters....I not only accept the rebellions in Los Angeles, I identify with them."
- USA Today contributor Julianne Malveaux in a May 10 San Francisco Examiner column.


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