Notable Quotables - 07/20/1992


Clinton and Gore: Studs?

"I think Gore and Clinton could be the all-generational change ticket, and I suppose if they lose, they could do cameo appearances on Studs or something."
- Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group, July 4.

"I must say I was struck by the expanse of their chests. They may have to put out their stats."
- Clift on Clinton and Gore, CNN's Inside Politics, July 10.

"I must say, looking at some of that footage, it looks like the all-beefcake ticket."
- Clift on The McLaughlin Group, July 12.


Clinton and Gore: Conservatives?

"Both Gore and Clinton are centrist, some would say conservative, Democrats, and white and male."
- CBS reporter Richard Threlkeld, July 9 Evening News.

"Even liberal Democrats now...think that Al Gore and Bill Clinton could be a winning ticket. They're willing to swallow the problems that they have with such a conservative pair in hopes of winning."
- CBS reporter Susan Spencer, July 13 convention coverage.


Conservative Economic Platform? Two Views

"The platform is liberal on such issues as gay rights and civil rights....But on economic and other issues, it is decidedly conservative. It criticizes big government spending, opposes overregulating business, and pledges to uphold law and order."
- NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell, July 14 Nightly News.

"[Clinton] would spend more money for 23 different programs... Clinton will raises taxes on corporations and what he calls the `super-rich'....Clinton is proposing basically $50 billion a year in new spending, raising taxes on the wealthy more than he's cutting them for the middle class, then counting on the economy growing fast enough to bring the deficit down."
- NBC reporter Lisa Myers, same show, next night.


No Liberals In Sight

"That's the ticket. Not a liberal in sight, and that's the picture Clinton wants the convention to leave with the country, Democrats happily moving from their liberal past to their centrist future....So Clinton and his moderates have captured the Democratic Party for the moment."
- ABC reporter Jim Wooten on the July 13 World News Tonight.

"But the views that dominated the party for so long, what was once proudly called liberal, are hardly in evidence in Madison Square Garden this week....Mr. Mondale, who in 1984 was the last down-the-line liberal to win the Democratic presidential nomination and who lost 49 states to Ronald Reagan in November, said he was resigned to the change."
- New York Times reporter David Rosenbaum, July 14.


Sam Signs Up for Cuomo

I'm nominating you for President of the United States and I'm going to quit my job and go to work for you.
- Sam Donaldson to Mario Cuomo, July 13 New York Daily News.


Rather's All-Star Updates

"Delegates approved the Clinton-Gore center-of-the-road Democratic Party platform, trying to move the party closer to voters around the malls in America's suburbs."
- Dan Rather's first convention update during the All-Star Game, July 14.

"Assembled delegates here approved a center-of-the-road Democratic Party platform to help the Clinton-Gore ticket go shopping for votes in the fall in America's malls and suburbs."
- Rather's second update.

"Earlier, the Democratic Party approved the Clinton-Gore middle- of-the-road platform calling for law and order, work for welfare recipients, and a strong U.S. military."
- Rather's third update.


Moyers Endorses Jerry Brown

"I thought all through the primaries, Brown had the message that this is a party that is spoiled, that this is a two-party system that is corrupt. You can even see it in some of the fundraising parties around here...Champagne flowed, there were liberal and populist senators from the heartland hobnobbing with stockbrokers and lobbyists. I think Brown had the right message....If I were Bill Clinton, I would put Jerry Brown there in prime time and I'd let him say to the country what he has been saying in the primary, that this country's democracy has fallen on bad ways."
- PBS omnipresence Bill Moyers on CNN convention coverage, June 13.


Family Values: Horton All Over Again

"The Democrats are also trying to neutralize what they expect to be the Willie Horton issue of 1992: a Republican attack on family values."
- Andrea Mitchell on July 13 Nightly News.

"They also believe that the Willie Horton of this campaign is family values, and you can't get much more squeaky clean than Al Gore, his four kids, and his wife Tipper."
- Mitchell on Sunday Today, July 12.


Calling Hillary Liberal: Neo-Fascist Nonsense

Columnist Mona Charen: "Hillary Clinton still represents the left wing of the party, and she still has a big faction within the Clinton camp."
Wall Street Journal
Washington Bureau Chief Al Hunt: "Well, Mona, I would point out that that is based on law review pieces she wrote 20 years ago. It's utter, complete nonsense. You don't have anything factual..."
Charen: "Her foundation grants to CISPES, and William Kunstler."
Hunt: "No! That is the far-right American Spectator kind of neo-fascist hit nonsense!"
- Exchange on CNN's late-night Capital Gang, July 13.


Gore On The Planet: No Extremist?

"One of the biggest advantages in choosing Gore as a political partner is the Senator's track record on the environment. He is a best-selling author on the subject. It's a track record the White House tries to paint as extremist. But Gore has already received the endorsement as an outstanding choice by the Sierra Club and other powerful conservation groups."
- ABC reporter Jim Hickey, July 10 Good Morning America.


Maria's All-Time Low

"You place responsibility for the death of your daughter squarely at the feet of the Reagan Administration. Do you believe they're responsible for that?"
- NBC reporter Maria Shriver interviewing AIDS sufferer Elizabeth Glaser, July 14 convention coverage.


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