Hillary's "Conservative Leanings"?

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October 7, 2005

Hillary's "Conservative Leanings"?

"It would be nave to think that Clinton doesn't have a national campaign very much in mind as she stacks up one centrist credential after another.As first lady, it was Clinton's job to placate the party's base, even if that meant obscuring some of her more socially conservative instincts.Assuming that Clinton is serious about a 2008 campaign, it's never too early to begin redefining her image in the minds of independent and conservative voters. And the thinking among her closest advisers holds that unlike other prospective candidates with conservative leanings, like Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana or Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia, Clinton doesn't have to worry about winning over more liberal base voters." - Contributing writer Matt Bai, October 2. Hillary Clinton received a rating of 9 out of 100 in the American Conservative Union ratings, 95 out of 100 from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action.

If the Times Says So, It Must Be True

"Ms. [Harriet] Miers is undoubtedly a conservative." - White House reporter Richard Stevenson on Bush's Supreme Court nominee, October 4.

Sure Sounds "Nonpartisan" to Us

"Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum, a conservative group in Dallas, speaks glowingly of Justice [Nathan] Hecht as 'a brilliant legal scholar.' Alex Winslow, executive director of Texas Watch, a nonpartisan consumer advocacy group in Austin puts it differently, saying, 'Hecht is the godfather of the conservative judicial movement in Texas.' He added: 'Extremist would be an appropriate description. He's the philosophical leader of the right-wing fringe.'" - Simon Romero and Edward Wyatt on Judge Nathan Hecht, confidante of Harriet Miers, October 5. "Nonpartisan" Winslow spent five years as chief of staff for Democratic Texas state Rep. Barry Telford.

The "Budget-Slashing," "Bombastic" Mayor

"The story starts just weeks before the election, with the campaign of Mr. Lonegan, whose budget-slashing conservatism and bombastic style as mayor polarized the once tight-knit town of about 8,000." - October 4 story by Josh Benson on a documentary about Steve Lonegan, mayor of Bogota, New Jersey.

Getting to the Left of William Weld

"Why would you want to privatize zoos? What if the new owners tried to maximize profits by allowing visitors to hunt game on the premises?" "But surely I don't have to remind you that the private sector cannot be trusted to act in the interests of society as a whole, which is why government exists. What do you think is the purpose of government?" - Two of Deborah Solomon's questions to former Mass. Gov. William Weld in the October 2 Magazine.

Where Have All the Liberal Labels Gone?

"The crowd also heard from old lions of the antiwar movement, like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the actress Jessica Lange, Ralph Nader and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has endorsed impeaching Mr. Bush." - Michael Janofsky reporting on the D.C. anti-war rally, September 25.

Ronnie Earle, "an Institution and Endangered Species"

"[Ronnie] Earle, 63, an institution and endangered species - a Texas Democrat - now in his eighth elected four-year term, said he was ignoring the attacks by Mr. DeLay and his supporters after Mr. DeLay, the powerful Texas Republican and House majority leader, was charged with conspiring to violate Texas election law by contributing corporate money to candidates for the Texas Legislature in 2002." - Ralph Blumenthal on the Democratic prosecutor going after House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, September 29.