Soros Clones: 5 Liberal Mega-Donors Nearly as Dangerous as George Soros

From Buffett to Bloomberg, top left-wing supporters give $2.7 billion to push a liberal agenda.

Liberals have learned that media outlets are the key to pushing an agenda so they are especially important to top liberal donors. These five donors used their extensive resources to expand the left’s hold on the media. 

Not content with the glowing coverage they received from the existing media organizations, these billionaires went on a massive media buying binge. Whether it’s owning newspapers (Buffett), online content (Omidyar), magazines or television stations (Bloomberg) or simply funding existing media outlets (all five), these donors certainly realized the power of the press.

Bloomberg Businessweek doesn’t even put up a façade of being unbiased. Since Bloomberg LP bought the magazine back in 2009, Businessweek has run cover stories with agenda-driven headlines like “It’s Global Warming, Stupid,” “This entire country is about to be wiped out by climate change. It won’t be the last,” and an anti-NRA cover riddled with bullet holes. Bloomberg himself is a media darling. His campaign to ban large drink options in New York City was hailed by NBC “Nighlty News” on March 11, 2013, as “his fight to make New Yorkers healthier,” even though a poll cited on the next morning’s edition of the “Today” show admitted that 60 percent of New Yorkers thought that the ban was a “bad idea.” 

Buffett began buying up small and mid-sized newspapers in 2012, spending millions on an industry that most people said was dying. Forty-six of the 75 papers he owned as of July 2014 were strategically located in the crucial swing states of Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. 

Buffett spent more than $344 million of the company’s money on just 28 of the 75 local outlets that Berkshire now owns, despite admitting in his 2012 letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that “the circulation, advertising and profits of the newspaper industry overall are certain to decline.” The reason for this investment by one of the world’s most savvy businessmen could be found later on in the same letter: “[n]ews, to put it simply, is what people don’t know that they want to know.” 

Not to be outdone, eBay founder Omidyar decided to put his money to use creating an entire media empire of his very own from scratch. The new outlet, “First Look Media,” would demonstrate the eBay founder’s ability to promote content online. Two of the first staffers he snatched up for this venture were Greenwald and Laura Poitras, ardent defenders of former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden. Snowden gave them sensitive national security information to release to the public. In fact, Omidyar even launched a portion of his news service, dubbed “The Intercept,” ahead of schedule, “to provide a platform to report on the documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.” 

Steyer and Jonathan Soros don’t yet own any media outlets outright, but they have influenced them. Together they’ve funded liberal news or news-related sites like the Center for Public Integrity, Media Matters, the Center for Ecoliteracy and the Center for American Progress (the parent organization of Think Progress). These groups provide a platform for far-left voices that often gets echoed by larger, more prominent media outlets. The Huffington Post called CAP “the mothership” for “Obama’s 2012 Campaign Cavalry,” a moniker which CAP proudly accepted in its annual report