PC News: Networks Downplay Terrorism, Muslim Connection in Ft. Hood Attack

All three networks mention 'terror' only after Obama hints at ideology during funeral ceremony.

ABC Airs Fantasy About Impact of House Health Care Bill

Chief medical editor tells viewers the great things the bill will accomplish 'right away,' ignores future cost of mandates.

ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson Sees Nothing But Upside in Government-run Health Care

Dr. Tim Johnson, ABC's medical editor and longtime fan of government-run health care, appeared on Monday's Good Morning America to tout the great benefits of passing congressional legislation. ...

ABC's Diane Sawyer Repeats Concern of Wishing Muslim Shooter's 'Name was Smith'; All Three Networks ID Hasan's Faith

All three morning shows on Friday identified the man who killed 12 at an Army base in Texas as a Muslim. However, Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer repeated a concern from Thursday's World News: ...

GMA Frets About 'Greenwashing'

Darned if they do ... GMA worries about companies putting 'green' labels on products.

MRC Video Treat: Ronald Reagan Celebrates Fall of Berlin Wall

Just a few hours after word that the Berlin Wall would be opened, ABC's PrimeTime Live hosted former President Ronald Reagan to celebrate what would turn out to be the death blow against communism ...

Ford Had a Better Idea: No Bailout

As U.S. car manufacturer 'stuns' Wall Street with 3Q profits, some media forget to report Ford didn't take government cash.

ABC's Stephanopoulos Spins NY 23 as a 'Big Loss' for Sarah Palin, Hits GOP 'Civil War'

Former Democratic aide turned journalist George Stephanopoulos appeared on Wednesday's Good Morning America to spin the loss of a Conservative Party congressional candidate in New York as a "big ...

Parallels to Obamamania in ABC's 'V' Sci-Fi Mini-Series, Plus Reporter Helps the Aliens

ABC's 'V' mini-series, which will debut tonight (Tuesday) in the first hour of prime time, is "nominally a rousing sci-fi space opera about alien invaders bent on the conquest (and digestion) of ...

Surprise: ABC's Sawyer Hits Gore on Profits From Global Warming, Plays Glenn Beck Attack

Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer conducted a surprisingly tough interview with Al Gore on Tuesday, pressing him on profiting from global warming and whether or not climate change legislation is ...
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