ABC's Bill Weir Wistfully Asks: What Happened to Obama's 'Day of Unity' Inauguration?

Good Morning America's Bill Weir on Saturday interviewed Nancy Pelosi and wistfully responded to the House Speaker's reminiscing about the "stillness" and "silence" of Barack Obama's inauguration. ...

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Spins Hoffman Race as a GOP 'Civil War'

Former top Democratic aide turned journalist George Stephanopoulos on Monday spun the upcoming November 3 congressional election in New York as a Republican "civil war." Recounting the battle ...

All Three Morning Shows Skip Report of Ethics Investigation Into Powerful Dems

All three network morning shows on Friday skipped a Washington Post report revealing that powerful congressional Democrats such as John Murtha, James Moran and others on a defense panel are the ...

CBS, NBC Ignore Expansion of Hate Crime Laws; ABC's Gibson Claims Matthew Shepard was Murdered 'Because He was Gay'

'World News' Anchor ignores own network's reporting on the Shepard case.

Networks Aid Obama's War on Insurers' Profits

During heated battle over health care 'reform,' only 17 percent of reports point out that insurance companies don't make obscene profits like liberals say.

ABC Heavily Promotes New HBO Documentary on Obama: He's so 'Zen' and 'Normal'

Good Morning America co-host Diane Sawyer on Tuesday helped promote an upcoming HBO documentary on Barack Obama and allowed producer Ed Norton to gush over the "zen" presidential campaign of the ...

'GMA' Cereal Report Continues Crusade against Food

Reporter Dan Harris highlights new study attacking companies for marketing sugary cereal to children, claims self-policing is 'demonstrable failure.'

On GMA, Ann Coulter Debates Two Former Clinton Aides, One of Whom Hosts the Show

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter debated no less than two former Clinton operatives on Friday's Good Morning America, guest host George Stephanopoulos and former State Department spokesman Jamie ...

Networks Barely Report 'Stealth' Push for 'Second Stimulus'

Stories mostly ignore failure of Obama's $787 billion stimulus to halt rising unemployment, continue to give credit for saving or creating jobs.
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