Ready to Blame Racism If Obama Loses

Adam Nossiter: "The McCain campaign's depiction of Barack Obama as a mysterious 'other' with an impenetrable background may not be resonating in the national polls, but it has found a receptive ...

Nagourney Recites NYT Talking Points on Obama's "Sporadic Encounters" with Terrorist Ayers

Plus: Apparently only Times reporter Adam Nagourney is allowed to use Barack Obama's middle name "Hussein."

Double Standard: Obama Surge Newsworthy, McCain Comeback Ignored

Obama's lead rising from five points to nine? Big story. Obama's lead cut back from nine to four? No mention at all.

Shallow Palin Survived Debate on "Talking Points," Won't Help McCain

The Times thinks the Palin-Biden vice presidential debate will soon be forgotten. Would it feel the same way if Palin had flopped?

The Times Misses the Lovable Loser McCain

Adam Nagourney, hypersensitive to attacks on Democrats: "...most notable are the dizzying cascade of attacks on Mr. Obama, who seems to have come to consume Mr. McCain..."

Obama Camp Relying on Media to "Debunk" Palin

The Obama camp is relying on its media allies to tackle Palin for them: "[Obama's] aides said they were looking to the news media to debunk the image of her as a blue-collar reformer..."

No More Mr. Nice McCain: Advisor a Rove Acolyte Spreading "False," "Fierce Attacks"

"[Steve Schmidt's] stamp was reflected in the sharp tone of the scathing prime-time speeches, all of which Mr. Schmidt reviewed and approved, and some of which were criticized as stretching the ...

Gov. Sarah Palin "Conservative" But Obama-Biden Not Liberal?

The Times has no problem calling Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin a "conservative," yet failed to label Barack Obama a liberal during the Democratic Convention.

Obama's Attacks Applauded; 2004 GOP Attacks Were Assailed as "Brutal...Furious Assault"

The Times saluted Barack Obama's "good, great or something else" speech for its "cutting language" against Republicans - but four years ago Republicans were accused of "ruthless" and "brutal" ...

"Barack Hussein Obama" Now OK With the NYT

After several stories criticizing conservatives for using Barack Obama's middle name, the Times leads with it.
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