Times Lauds "Hero" Kennedy, Downplays Michelle Obama's "Proud" Gaffe

The Times opens up the Democratic Convention and sees optimism for the party.

"Objective Sources" Like WP, NYT Say McCain Ads "Over the Top & Unfair"

With the U.S. succeeding in Iraq, the Times abruptly decides the war is no longer important to voters. Adam Nagourney: "Don't you think that people are thinking about different things right now?" ...

Chief Political Reporter Responds to Obama Camp Criticism - and Agrees

Would a Times reporter respond as respectfully after an attack from a Republican?

Double Standards on VP Picks - Lots of Conservative Labels, No Liberal Ones

While "conservatives" have trouble with Mitt Romney and Tom Ridge and like Sen. John Thune, there are apparently no liberals who have trouble with conservative Democrats Sam Nunn and Sen. Jim Webb.

Adam Nagourney: OK With Obama's Centrist Head Fakes

The Times guards Obama's "brand" as a different kind of politician, despite his flip-flopping on guns and other issues.

Times' Favorite Clinches Democratic Nomination

The paper's long history of favoritism towards Obama culminates in his Tuesday clinching of the nomination.

'Centrist" Fla Gov. Charlie Crist Now "Chain-Gang Charlie"

Adam Nagourney felt obliged to make moderate Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, a possible McCain Veep pick, into a hard-line, law-and-order conservative.

Has Obama Really Overcome His Wright Problem? NYT Says Sure

But a new USA Today/Gallup poll found the opposite to be true: "One-third of likely voters say Obama's ties to Wright make them less likely to vote for him."

The Times Turns on Wright, Alongside Obama

But the lead editorial tries to lump in Jeremiah Wright with a McCain supporter, controversial minister John Hagee.

Are Hillary Voters Racist?

Adam Nagourney: "The composition of Mrs. Clinton's support - or, looked at another way, the makeup of voters who have proved reluctant to embrace Mr. Obama - has Democrats wondering, if not ...
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