Chris Matthews Show Panel Predicts GOP House Will Make Obama 'Look Good'

On the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, over the weekend, CNN's Gloria Borger predicted that incoming House Republicans will overreach and make Barack Obama "look good" in comparison and allow the ...

Atlantic's Sullivan: GOP 'Trying to Keep This Economy Bad,' Are 'Most Irresponsible Political Party'

Appearing as a panel member Sunday on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic charged that Republicans are "trying to keep this economy bad" to hurt President Obama as ...

Limbaugh Wedding Vicodin, Reagan Only 'Acted' Like a President, Maher Defends Palin But Yearns for More Gore

I watch HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher so you don't have to. The most-noteworthy vitriol from Friday night's show that I tweeted last night - seven quotes, in sequence, you can read in less than ...

Chris Matthews Show Panel Agrees GOP 'Hurt' By Opposition to Obamacare

Well the verdict is in and it looks like the GOP has been severely damaged by its opposition to Obamacare, well at least that was the conclusion of all the liberal members of The Chris Matthews ...

Media Mute on Obama's Mismatched Marriage Messages

How can a politician say he supports man-woman marriage when he opposes the Defense of Marriage Act?

A "Surprise"? Internet-Savvy GOP'ers Want a YouTube Debate

Plus: Andrew Sullivan, "conservative"? Since when?

Throwing the Book at 'Religious Right'

Halloween and the election are over, but the media's favorite boogeyman is still roaming the land.
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