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Stewart Mocks Christians: Catering Lesbian Wedding Like Making ‘Jew Slow-Dance with Hitler’

Conservatives see ‘celebrating love as a hate group.’
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Daily Show Mocks ‘Crazy-Ass’ Alabama Law Protecting the Unborn

The right to life is a real side-splitter for lib show.
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Daily Show: Atheist Group ‘Petty A**holes’ Who Need to ‘Lighten the F**k Up’

Liberal comedy show bashes whiny atheists.
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Judge Napolitano Calls out Stewart’s Hypocrisy on ‘Daily Show’

Lefty host doesn't get away with this one.
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Jon Stewart Accuses GOP of Suppressing Women, Minority Vote

‘Daily Show’ voter ID segment filled with untruths, lib talking points.
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Irony: Multi-Millionaire Jon Stewart Mocks Wealthy Businessmen Discussing Income Inequality

On Thursday's Daily Show, comedian Jon Stewart – who is worth an estimated $80 million – mocked the irony of wealthy business leaders discussing income inequality at the recent World Economic ...
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‘Daily Show’ Scoffs at Idea of Pro-Gay Bullying

HuffPo hypes ‘hilarious’ Samantha Bee mocking Christians who point out pro-gay violence.
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President Calls Libya Deaths 'Not Optimal,' But CNN Glosses Over It

On Thursday CNN's Jessica Yellin watered down President Obama calling the deaths of Americans in Libya "not optimal." The President said on the Daily Show that "When four Americans get ...

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Shows Economic Ignorance

'The Daily Show' host displays distorted view of the American economy in interview with Alan Greenspan.
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