NY Times Critic: 'Certain Radio and Television Hosts' Fueling 'Terrorism?'

Times critic Deborah Solomon quizzes DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano: "But do you think certain radio and television hosts are feeding intolerance and even terrorism?"

Nicer to Bomb-Throwing William Ayers Than Conservative William Buckley

Plus: Rush Limbaugh a ""Sweaty, Swollen Man""

Bill Ayers vs. Bill Buckley: Deborah Solomon's Double Standards

Times "Q&A" reporter Deborah Solomon questioned conservative icon William F. Buckley in a more hostile fashion than she did Weatherman bomber Bill Ayers.

Deborah Solomon Disdains "Eager...Anti-Intellectualism" of McCain & Palin

Times reporter to libertarian intellectual Charles Murray: "Why is the McCain clan so eager to advertise its anti-intellectualism?"

Ignorant Questions to Gov. Bobby Jindal: Converting to Christianity = Rejecting Family Values?

Deborah Solomon to La. Gov. Bobby Jindal: "If the Republican Party bills itself as the party of family values, what should we make of the fact that you rejected the name your parents gave you, ...

Does the Times Think Brigitte Gabriel's a "Radical Islamophobe"?

The author and opponent of radical Islam faces amazingly hostile and suspicious questions from the Times' liberal "Q&A" interviewer Deborah Solomon (pictured).

Deborah Solomon Calls Swift Boat Vets "Ugly Chapter" in U.S. History

Sunday Magazine reporter Solomon (pictured) confronts T. Boone Pickens on the charges made by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: "I thought it was all invented."

Deborah Solomon's Double Standards

A moderate Republican had his tan mocked and was goaded into sniping at his party, while a moderate Democrat was praised for his military valor and being an "unusually gifted stylist."

NYT Magazine Publishes Charge That McCain's a Phony POW

Liberals were outraged in 2004 when they nominated Sen. John Kerry and some veterans who served with him on Swift Boats had the audacity to challenge his war heroism. How will they greet cranky ...

No Socialists at Duke University?

Deborah Solomon (pictured on right) forwards a lazy liberal opinion about Duke University.
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