Dear NY Times: Spending Isn't the Problem

Keynesian mythology has it all wrong; lack of private investment is the worry.

Dear Wash. Post: Haitian Tragedy Magnified by Lack of Economic Freedom

Greater economic freedom could have spared lives.

Dear WSJ: Congressional Oversight is No Accountability

Politicians report to special interests, not the public.

The Media Depression that Wasn't (Even Close)

How the networks conjured 'Hoovervilles' and breadlines to sell Obama's spending.

Dear Financial Times: Free Trade Doesn't Require Perfect Competition

Case for tariffs is built on strawman argument.

Dear NY Times: Right to Worry about ObamaCare

Despite Krugman, there are many reasons to fear the unintended consequences of health 'reform.'

Newsweek, ABC Cheer End of Recession, But Economists, Politicians Remain Divided

Even President Obama caught off guard by magazine claim.

Dear LA Times: Foreign Aid Holds Developing Nations Back

Why do you assume such aid is necessary for poor African countries?

Dear NY Times: Beware of Unintended Consequences

Social-engineering by tax policy led to performance-based pay and less transparency.

Dear WSJ: Steamships Prove Gov't Can't Run Business

Collins' steamship company subsidization provides lesson about the virtues of free market over government help.
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